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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Tutorial: Sailor Mercury Inspired Wearable Eye Makeup!

Thanks to work, I've been too lazy to do fun looks during the weekdays. I thought I should challenge myself by setting a theme I have to complete, and I decided to go with Sailor Moon, the first ever manga I fell in love with and got me hooked on mangas & anime. The catch is that all the looks have to be wearable AND I need to do a pictorial for them so everyone else who's craving a pop of colour at work/school can try them out too!

So first up, Ami a.k.a Sailor Mercury! I did Ami first because I love her the most...she gave me hope that nerdy, socially awkward kids like me could have friends too XD

Anyway, here's the tutorial! I'm using Mad Lab's Blue Zircon, Eccentric Cosmetics' Fish Tank Amusement, NYX's JEP in Milk, Backstreet Makeup Co's Usky, and Wardah's white eyeshadow! Lashes are Esqido's Lash Named Desire!

1. Apply primer

2. Apply a light blue eyeshadow to 2/3rds of your lids, making sure it peeks above your "eye line".

3. Apply a dark blue eyeshadow on the remaining 1/3 of your lids, going higher as you go upwards to make a sail-like shape.

4. Grab a blue eyeshadow, dab it in between the dark blue & light blue eyeshadow, and blend it outwards. In 4b, I've outlined where I placed the eyeshadow. Some people prefer putting the middle colour right after the lightest colour, and you can totally do this if it's your preference. Personally, I find that with colour gradients, I get a smooth gradient faster when I put the middle colour last. If you're still struggling with getting a smooth gradient, this may help.

5. Grab a cotton pad, soak it in eye makeup remover, fold it in half, and align it along the same angle as the angle where your outer lower lashline starts to slope up. Swipe up and down so you get a straight, flat edge instead of a wing.

6. Line your lower lashline with a white eyeliner, and go over that line with a white eyeshadow to prevent smudging. Don't worry if this is messy.

7. Clean up your lower lashline with concealer while applying your undereye concealer, apply mascara/falsies, and you're done!

Kinda hesitating sharing the full face because I have this MASSIVE cystic acne on my forehead, and it made me look perpetually stressed. On the positive side, my husband was extra attentive all day because he thought I was stressing out.

But screw acne...I'll share the full face just so you can see how this look looks zoomed out. I have Jeffree Star's Posh Spice (sorry) on my lips!

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