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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Review & Swatches: Emina Creamattes

I love supporting my local brands, so I decided to give Emina Cosmetics a try! I bought all 7 shades of their Creamattes from Sociolla, and they were a steal at Rp 45,000 (~US$ 4) each. I had so much fun unboxing everything and doing my first ever unboxing video!

Sociolla Review

I got my items within 3 business days. There was a bit of a hiccup in my order though. So, Sociolla is hosting a competition, and to participate, we have to take a picture with the Emina postcard they sent. I didn't receive the postcard and many people didn't either. Fortunately, Sociolla sent the postcard 2 days after I contacted them on their instagram page, so that's awesome.

Emina Creamattes Swatches

Fuzzy wuzzy, frostbite, tumbleweed, jellybean, flamingo, choco lava, mauvelous

Fuzzy wuzzy, frostbite, tumbleweed, jellybean, flamingo, choco lava, mauvelous

Emina CreamMattes Review

Price: Rp 45,000 

Pigmentation: Great pigmentation, some of the brighter colours like Frostbite and Tumbleweed do end up looking a bit streaky with just one coat, but it builds up pretty easily.

Texture: Like a creamed lipstick when wet, and feels really sticky while it dries. It takes a long time to dry (several minutes), but dries to a comfortable, powdery matte. 

Longevity: Starts disappearing around the inner parts of your lips within 3-4h, doesn't really last through a meal and will start smudging. 

Buildable? Yes

Drying? Moderately. Relatively drying compared to lipsticks, but not as drying as some liquid mattes. It feels slightly more drying than Jeffree Star's liquid mattes or NYX's cream mattes. 

TL;DR: I love these, they're AMAZING value for money and even have really bright or less conventional colours that are rarely found in Indonesia. You do have to touch up throughout the day, but they're very buildable so it's easy to touch up. 

Would buy again? YES!