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/r/IndieMakeupAndMore Blacklisted Brands

After spending over a year going nuts over indies, I've had a really fun experience but like all things, there were bad experiences as well. I often chat with people from /r/IndieMakeupAndMore about make up and people often let me know what brands they blacklist. Occasionally, there's also threads where people list out their blacklisted companies:

I previously resisted posting this blacklist on my blog since it's compiled from many different sources, so it's not exactly my writing. I've contacted as many people as I can remember to ask their permission to blog this, though many prefer to remain anonymous. Why do they choose to remain anonymous? It's often because:

a) They're brand owners and that's how they know something shady is going on, but they can't afford to look like they're trashing another brand because it's unprofessional

b) Some of these brands are known to harass negative reviewers and they rather avoid the drama

This list is constantly updated, so if you have brands you'd like to add, feel free to let me know in a comment or via reddit (/u/eraser_dust). 


Many thanks to Pretty Trvialities for helping me fact check and updating me on the issues that popped up before I got into indies. I'm also extremely grateful to @maquillage_savant, who further helped me update this list & do comparison swatches to confirm repackaging. She's a wealth of information and does lots of swatches of various brands, including TKB Trading's micas!

Huge thanks to Phyrra and @beautyscamreport for helping out with the list too!


People choose to blacklist for whatever reason. Someone's reason for blacklisting may not be the same as yours. For example, some people get really annoyed by owners who "spam" reddit with promotions and think that's enough reason to blacklist the company. Some people may not agree. I personally still shop from some of the stores on this list (Haus of Gloi, Aromaleigh, Fyrinnae), so it's really up to you. To make it easier for you to decide, I've split the list up into different reasons for blacklisting. 

I've included links to evidence as often as I can, unless there's so many that a simple google search (eg. "Geek Chic fingerprints") will turn up too many results. 

For stock fragrances and repackaged colours, it's often hard to provide definitive proof unless you're a brand owner who own lots of the same stock fragrances and unblended micas, and recognize the similarities. Fortunately, a lot of people, including brand owners do discuss the issue of repackaging. Sometimes, a scent like pumpkin latte is very common and many brand owners will do various versions of it and that's hardly evidence of repackaging. However, if the shop contains many complex scents with identical notes to many stock fragrance notes, there's a pattern and it's highly likely that repackaging has occurred. 

Some people who are new to indies may not be familiar with stock fragrances and repackaged micas. A stock fragrance is a fragrance from mainstream suppliers such as BrambleBerry, Crafter's Choice, etc. All you have to do is mixed them with oil and they're ready to wear (or be sold) as perfumes. I've discussed my issues with stock fragrances here

Repackaged micas are basically micas you buy from suppliers like TKB Trading for cheap, and sell at a heavily marked up price in a new packaging. With a good primer, you can immediately use these micas as eyeshadows. Here are swatches of some micas. Obviously, I rather not pay $3-6 for 3g of "eyeshadow" when I can buy the same "eyeshadow" from TKB trading at $1.50 for 6g. 


Owner Ethics:

Hygiene issues:
Stock Scents/Bases

Questionable Formulas/Repackaging:

Bad Business Management:

Spammy Owners: (owners who constantly self-promote on IMAM)
  • Leesha's Lacquer
  • Elea Blake
  • Lou Lou's
  • Bow and Arrow


  1. Such a long list. It's saddening, I love the indie community so much.

    I'm posting this as a comment since I couldn't find a contact email, feel free to delete it.

    Regarding Emily Witcher, there are several blog posts.

    There are several posts. Here is the first one: (Bonus, Emily shows up to threaten the blogger in the comments)
    It includes a link to an imgur album showing proof of the first round of photo theft:

    The second one ( highlights concerns about the safety and quality of Emily's products, her apparent attitude towards hygiene in general, and other issues that are related to Emily's personality and behavior.

    About five months later, Emily was stealing photos again, under a slightly different shop name.

    And then, a few weeks after that, the last blog post Mostly shows Emily's character (and the blogger's), also shows that Emily loves reposting racist memes.

    1. Thank you so much for this! Let me update the blacklist to mention this comment! And not to sound like a creeper, but I saw your profile pic on your Google + account and you're so pretty! I love your hair!

  2. You're welcome, I'm glad to share the info! I firmly believe potential customers should be able to know everything about a company. Not just indies, but the owner of MAC doesn't post on Reddit, lol.

    It's not creepy, the pic is there for a reason. Thank you! I look a lot more average without makeup, tbh, but so does everyone else. And I love my hair too, but I'm always tempted to go back to really vibrant colors. Silvery-grey is so hard to maintain.

    1. What's your reddit tag? And I'm dying to get really vibrant colours, unfortunately, I have to be boring and serious at work. If work lets me go nuts, I'm getting rainbow hair for sure XD

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  4. JD glow also copied the lipgloss packaging from a Korean skin care company called 'The History of Whoo (Fu)' that also has a small makeup line..........

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  6. Such a long list. It's saddening, I love the indie community so much.
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  7. The links for the JD Glow issue with pressing highlighters with an old rag are gone. Does anyone know what went on there? Kind of freaked out about my JDG shadows, now.

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  9. I know this is a old post but i just bought some products from The All Natural Face and some of the stuff was kinda bad.The foundation and blushes were good tho. I also have heard that some of her eye shadows are TKB repackaging? The old links for the photos don't work anymore, does anyone have more info on this brand?

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