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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tutorial: Silver & Purple Look Inspired By PinkPerception Modified for Monolids

One of my followers suggested doing a tutorial inspired by this look created by the super talented Anna a.k.a @pinkperception! She wanted to see how it'll look modified for monolids, and I decided to give it a try. Here's how mine looks!

So in @pinkperception's tutorial, she uses a shadow shield, which can be replaced with tape. I ran out of tape, but figured I shouldn't procrastinate on this, so I'm doing this tutorial without tape. If you have tape lying around and prefer using it as a guide/to help you keep the edges crisp, go for it! If you don't have tape, I'll show you another way you can get a crisp edge!

For this look, I'm using a Wet n Wild palette & Dark Matter Makeup's Makoto.

1. After applying primer, apply the silver eyeshadow in a semi-circle, making sure it peeks above your "eye line". I know most tutorials call for this step last, but I personally find it easier to do this first with my monolids, since I have no crease to guide me and help me figure out how high this should go. If you're comfortable with doing it the traditional way, there's nothing wrong with that too! It's just that I have the tendency to look like I got a botched up plastic surgery when I do it the traditional way. Apply loose powder above the semi-circle. This will help you get a softer blend later.

2. Grab a tapered blending brush and blend a purple eyeshadow above the semi-circle. Now...this part really depends on the shape of your eyes. Some girls with Asian eyes have told me that a lot of typical non-Asian looks make them look "off" and they're not sure what it is. I find that usually, the high upward sloping (like cat eyes) shape typical of non-Asian make up may not be the most flattering for Asian eyes, and that's why it can look "off" for some women. I've applied the purple eyeshadow in the shape that's still similar to my inspiration pic (higher at the edges), but modified to make it more flattering for more Asian eyes (sloping downwards) towards the edges. Again, this really depends on your eyes. I like how dramatic cat-eye shaped eyeshadow placement looks on me, but I know it's not for everyone.

3. Now grab a dark purple eyeshadow, and with the same tapered blending brush, blend it into the edges of the silver semi-circle, going higher on the outer edges (view 3a for a rough sketch of eyeshadow placement & blending directions).

4. Grab a clean crease brush and brush it back and forth at the top of the eyeshadows to further soften the blend. This is the point where you take off the tape if you were using it. If you're not using tape, grab a cotton pad, soak it in eye make up remover, fold it in half, and align it with where you want the crisp bottom edge of your eyeshadow to be. If you're not sure how to angle it, a good guide is to just follow the angle of your outer lower lashline as it slopes out.

5. [OPTIONAL] Now here's how you can really create an illusion of a crease on monolids. Some people may find this a bit too dramatic for real life, so feel free to skip it. Grab a super precise eyeliner brush and use it to apply a line of black eyeshadow, outlining the silver semi-circle. Blend it well.

6. Now, @pinkperception tightlined her lashline, but with hooded monolids, I'm afraid that line just won't show up. If your monolids are hooded like mine, there's no way around it, you'll have to go way fatter with the line towards the outer corner, so it looks like there's a triangle sitting on the edge of your eye. It'll look slightly more dramatic when you close your eyes, but it'll be fine when you open your eyes, I promise.

7. Line the outer half of your lower lashline with the purple eyeshadow, dab the silver eyeshadow in your inner corners and apply lashes. That's it!

Using Eccentric Cosmetics' Iguazu Falls on my lips!

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