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Monday, September 5, 2016

Tutorial: Sailor Neptune Inspired Wearable Eye Makeup!

Next one on my Sailor Moon inspired wearable looks! Michiru!

I had the biggest crush on her because I think violinists are so hot. I tried learning the violin and had to quit because I couldn't stand the sound of myself practicing, so I have tons of respect for talented violinists. I'm kinda upset her relationship with Haruka keeps getting censored. 

This one is a wayy more simple look than what I normally do, and closer to Asian beauty trends. I figured I should challenge myself by doing a look influenced by Asian beauty trends every now and then. 

Here's the tutorial!

1. Apply primer, and apply loose powder on the top half of your lids. The loose powder is the key to getting a smooth blend.

2. Apply silver eyeshadow to about 2/3rds of your lids, making sure it peeks above your eyeline.

3. Apply teal eyeshadow to the remaining outer 1/3.

4. Grab a fluffy blending brush and just keep blending until you can't see anymore hard edges.

5. [OPTIONAL] User a regular liquid liner, or a dark green eyeshadow mixed with Illamasqua's Sealing Gel, and tightline your eyes. I say this is optional since, if you have hooded monolids like me, only the outer corner shows up. So I normally don't bother, but if your monolids aren't hooded or if you have a small crease, this looks good. Go with what works for your eyes! Apply lashes/mascara.

6. Line your lower lashline with the silver eyeshadow and that's it!

Here's the full face...I did the Korean style ombre lips using Face Shop's lip tint in Bloody Red!

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