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Monday, September 19, 2016

Tutorial: Sailor Pluto Inspired Wearable Eye Makeup!

This is my tutorial for the Setsuna inspired look! This cut crease tutorial is definitely more challenging, and may take some practice!

1. Apply primer, then draw a wing-shaped line with an eye pencil where you want the crease to be. For monolids, I suggest a small crease that looks more like a natural Asian crease. Apply translucent powder above this line so blending's easier later.

2. Blend a purple eyeshadow above the line, smudging it out.

3. With a pencil brush, blend a darker purple eyeshadow into where the line was. 

4. Grab a concealer and use it to draw a wing shape underneath all the eyeshadow.

5. Apply yellow eyeshadow to 2/3rds of this bottom blank space.

6. Apply brown eyeshadow to the remaining and blend it into the yellow

7. Line it any way you want, and clean up the bottom using a cotton pad soaked in eye make up remover.

8. Line the outer 2/3rds of your lower lashline with purple eyeshadow

9. Use mascara/falsies and that's it!

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