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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tutorial: Sailor Chibimoon Inspired Wearable Eye Makeup!

Finally, Chibiusa! And with this, I'm done with my Sailor Moon tutorials series! Let me know if you want more tutorials like these! I'm using Nyx's Milk, Notoriously Morbid's Snow Queen's Return, a custom eyeshadow and Esqido's lashes in Bic City Lights!

I nearly didn't do Chibiusa because I personally find her freaking annoying and bratty. She may look like a child, but she's 900 years old. The fact that she still behaves like an entitled, insufferable brat is a testament to Usagi & Mamoru's terrible parenting. /rant

Ok, I'm going to stop ranting and get on with the tutorial...

Here's the full face! Lips is Fyrinnae's Phantasma!

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