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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Review: Blooddrop's Flutters in 2 Scents, and 6 Winter Perfume Scents

I got decants of Blooddrop's Flutters (whipped body creams) in 2 scents and winter perfumes in 6 scents from Ajevie! You can find the Blooddrop collection here and Ajevie's decants here.

Let's get on with the reviews...


Flutters Review

Let's go with the pros first:
  • The texture is amazing.

Look at that! It's so fluffy and smooth! I wish there's sound in that gif file, because it made that cute pitter-patter sound of thousands of tiny bubbles popping (think eating a bubble chocolate bar like Aero) when I stuck my finger into it.
  • The scent is definitely prominent. I can smell it wafting around as I apply it and you can definitely smell it lingering on your skin long after you've rubbed it in.
Now comes the unfortunate cons:
  • It's very, very thick and oily. To give you an idea of the texture, when I first applied it, I had to quickly check again to see if I've made a mistake and mistook a whipped soap for a whipped lotion. It really feels like applying oily liquid soap on your body and leaving it on.

  • It takes forever to absorb. Let's just say it's been 2 1/2h since I put it on, I really need to sleep now but I'm still sticky.
Now for the scent reviews...

Candy Cane

There's hints of peppermint here, but the main star of this scent is this balsam or eucalyptus sort of piercing icy sent. The eucalyptus/balsam bit reminds me too much of one those icy oils my dad loves to use, so it's a huge turn off for me.

Marshmallow Eggnog

I have to say, this is one of my favourite marshmallow scents ever. It actually smells like melted marshmallows. The problem is the eggnog bit. It's that Starbucks eggnog flavouring sort of eggnog that I personally found cloying. I can ignore it because the marshmallow's so good though!


Perfume Oils Review

For my previous Blooddrop perfume reviews, you can click here or on the tag on the right. As always, reviews are done blind until the TL;DRs are written, if any note surprises me, I discuss it in the overview.


Creature Comforts

"Certain necessities. You know, like vanilla sugar cookies, mocha cookies, rum cookies. Those sorts of things."

This is a boozy creamy coffee scent. The coffee is the kind of slightly tart coffee syrup sort of coffee scents though. The weird thing is, after about 3-5 min, the coffee tartness started morphing into bananas. It now smells like a boozy banana mocha milkshake. Everything disappears on me surprisingly fast though, and  by 5-10 min, it's just this sweet bitter scent lingering on my skin. The bitterness is the bitterness of leftover grounded coffee. I have no idea why this disappeared so quickly on me.

TL;DR: Whirlwind of boozy creamy coffee that morphs into a boozy banana mocha milkshake then crashes and burns into bitterness in 5-10 min.

Overview: Yup, I knew there weren't any bananas in this. I wonder if it's the rum bit?


Milk & Moon

"This is a gentle, soothing, and milky blend of moonflower, Tahitian monoi, vanilla, German chamomile, and skin milk."

Oh this is gorgeous! It's definitely a more skim milk sort of scent, but it's not a gourmand. I say skim milk since it's milky in the way that it's more watery, yet has still has this rounded, almost creamy edge to it. It's mostly this clean, slightly tart and rounded florals that are thicker though not heavy. There's also a clear, "tinkly" quality to this scent. It's really magical. It starts getting kinda too sweet on me (but a lot of scents like going very sweet on me) after about 25 min, but it just makes me think more of an Escada sort of sweet scent.

It's hard to describe Blooddrop's florals since they're typically so complex, so if I'm picking a picture to advertise this scent, it'll be this:

It's a tinkly, rounded florals type of sweet scent, and makes you think of magical scenes in pink and purple light.

TL;DR: Perfect scent when you're a woodland fairy planning to dance on a fantasy lake spilling with flowers, on a moonlit night.

Overview: I think I'm starting to be able to identify Tahitian monoi. I just realized why the floral part of the scent's so familiar –it's the same floral as Cocoa Pink's Tahitian Monoi Cake.


Peppermint Hot Chocolate

"Peppermint with cocoa and whole milk."

Ok, definitely getting the peppermint & chocolate, only the chocolate is more of a chocolate powder sort of chocolate (as one of my friends called it, "protein shake chocolate"). Something also went terribly wrong on me and there's this weird, chemical scent underneath this. The weird chemical scent is a cross between plastic melted and blown into a balloon, and whiteboard markers. It's giving me a headache.

I tried to destash this when I had my indie lovers gathering, but after letting 3 other girls try it, it's still a resounding "nope" from all of them (including from those who didn't dare apply it on themselves). And yes, the chemical scent is strong in all 4 of us.

TL;DR: Protein shake chocolate powder, peppermint, and a cross between plastic melted and blown into a balloon and whiteboard markers.

Overview: No freaking idea what's causing that chemical scent.


The Quiet of Winter

"This is the scent of that sweet quietude; tonka bean, wild rose, violet leaf, and glistening, frosted plums."

This is a clean, soapy scent with hints of red candy. I love it, but there is something  slightly off hidden in the background. I have to sniff hard to catch it, but once I caught it, I can't ignore it. It smells a bit like the way a rag in an art studio that's been used to clean/wipe various substances & surfaces end up smelling. It's definitely very faint in the background, and the scent is mostly this soapy red candy scent, but I can't seem to ignore it.

TL;DR: Soapy red candy.

Overview: I have no idea what's that faint chemical-ish scent. Maybe this has whatever is inside Peppermint Hot Chocolate?


Thine Maiden in Red Velvet

"Pomegranate, apple blossoms, honey, myrrh, cardamom, nutmeg, beeswax, carnation, and blood orange."

There's that soda that has gone flat sort of scent with hints of red candy and that dry, acrid tea note. The soda is that kind of these sort of soda Japanese soda candies tries to imitate:

Anybody ever tried whatever soda they're trying to imitate? I've always thought of them as "blue soda".
Image courtesy of

I'm betting there's some fruits in this. Blooddrop's fruit notes just go highly artificial on me and there's definitely that cloying, artificial touch to this.

TL;DR: Red candy plonked into soda that has gone flat with hints of acrid, dry tea.

Overview: Yup. Blooddrop's fruits hate me. The tea bit could be from the carnations, which often smells like tea on me.


Winter Ale

"Gently hopped, golden wheat, and a light blend of seasonal spices including clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice."

Oh my god this is such a sexy masculine scent! Yes, there's that boozy sort of smell, but it's that masculine, bitter type of boozy that's so clean and sexy. Makes you think of a guy in his mid-thirties who's often in a suite, drinking in a really chic lounge. There's a tartness that comes from the slightly fizzy part of this scent, but it goes kind of citrus on me and adds to the whole, clean, crisp image.

I smell a bit of that Baygon (a popular Indonesian insecticide) scent  that perfumers often label as "concrete", "stone", "asphalt", etc. in the background, though. This note also appears in Alkemia's Prairie 66, Blooddrop's Moonstone, and Black Violet's Apparition & Komorebi. If you like them, you'll like this. Unfortunately, by 15 min, the Baygon scent takes over and I smell like I got sprayed by insecticide. I'm really sad about this because the initial scent smells soooo good.

TL;DR: Sexy, boozy masculine scent turning into Baygon.

Overview: Guess they don't list the Baygon note in this, or the combination of all that just turns into Baygon.

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