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Monday, March 9, 2015

Samples Challenge Day 6.

Background: I noticed that lately, my indie eyeshadow samples are not getting enough love, simply because it's easier for me to reach for tubs. So I decided to challenge myself to use them more often. Everyday, I pick 2 eyeshadow samples randomly out of my collection without looking, and I have to use them. I can add other products in, but the 2 colours have to be the main part of the look.

Today I got Notoriously Morbid's Speak to the Devil (swatch here) and Backstreets Makeup Co's Obsidian (swatch here).

 Unfortunately, as you can see from the swatches, Speak to the Devil is one of those colours that you need glitter glue for. Without glitter glue, its just a blah brown. With glitter glue, you get this gorgeous metallic khaki. This is the look I came up with:

The khaki and brown are both Speak to the Devil –the khaki only shows up over glitter glue, the brown is what you get when you blend it out. You can see it better when I close my eyes..and yup, my eye make up has to go that high to show up on my monolids...

The colour looks pretty until you run into one big problem with glitter glue –unblendable patches. Since my glitter glue's clear, I didn't realize I had an extra thick glob and this is what happened to the other eye. Couldn't fix it at all.

Full face:

I was in a rush so I went with Dior lip gloss – #137 again for lips. Additional pic to show how high my eyeshadow went.

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