Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review & Recommendation: 2 of Possets' Endangered Blends

So I er...ordered a bit to much from Possets. It's not my fault, they have awesome vanillas! And free international shipping past a certain amount!

Anyway...I ordered 7 bottles and 12 perfume samples, and this is what I got.

Yup. An extra 12 regular-sized and 6 super-sized samples.

I was so freaked out, I contacted Fabienne thinking she messed up and misread my order. Obviously, I had to offer to pay her too if it was a mistake.

There's a typo in my's supposed to be 6 big samples, not 5.

Nope, it wasn't. Possets is just that generous.

Customer Service Review

This is actually my first order of Possets directly from Possets since I've only bought decants from Ajevie previously. The customer service is AMAZING. Well, the free stuff definitely made me happy, but Fabienne was also so quick to respond when I had a bunch of questions about international shipping. Oh yes -and free international shipping. I love free international shipping.

There's also little touches that make you feel so loved, like this handwritten note she included:
She has a pretty signature!
So anyway, on to scent reviews. I'm only reviewing the 2 bottles of Endangered Blends I got since I don't have time to try out the samples yet. I figured I better review those two before they're sold out. As always, they're done blind until I finished writing all the way to the TL;DR.

OHIO-Sticky Gooey Buckeyes 

"Well, this one is in the Midwest (which is noted for its simple and delicious fare), a foody blend here several delectable chocolates play serious footsie with nuts and gooey delights. This harkens to the candy called "buckeyes" which is a combination of nut butters and chocolate. Foody, gourmand, sweet."

Oh wow, the peanuts in this is strong. So strong, it actually makes me wonder if someone with a severe nut allergy can go into anaphylactic shock from sniffing this. There's also chocolate - sinfully sweet chocolate. It smells like a chocolate covered peanut brittle from See's Candies.

You lucky Americans can buy this anytime..
Image from

There's something in it that doesn't agree with my skin chemistry. It's something that smells like body lotion that solidified after being left out for too long, but it isn't strong enough to bother me.

After about 30 min, there's a warm vanilla that overpowers the peanut brittle scent. I still smell the peanut brittles, but it's more in the background rather then the foreground. 

TL;DR: See's Candies' chocolate covered peanut brittle

The Girls Love Chai-Chai-Chai

"Lively blood orange and a couple of rose buds make this chai extra special. Teas, dark and sustaining and the persistent scent of honey and spices make this a most memorable blend."

This is the scent of a dry, more acidic black tea. It's one of those special blend black teas that looks like decorative potpourri, smells like perfumes, and tastes slightly sour. I think there's cardamom in this because that's a scent that always reminds me of India and this scent definitely takes me there. After about 20 min, I can finally identify that perfumed smell -it's roses. Heavy, powdery roses. 

Mixed with the acridity of the tea note though, the roses end up smelling more like India than an old lady. Don't get me wrong, this is still a really strong scent. But it's a heady, hypnotizing smell that reminds me of entering "mystical" boutiques that cater to tourists in India. If someone wants to pass off as a mysterious Indian fortune teller, this is the hypnotizing perfume she'll use (as you can tell from my language, I don't believe in fortune tellers).

I just wanted an excuse to post pictures of a sari. I wish I can wear saris all day...they actually hide my tummy and make me look like I have curves. I love saris.
Photography by Alex Hann

TL;DR: Believe me, I can see into the future. I swear. Check out how mystic I smell.

Overview: Now that I looked at the notes, I think I assumed this would smell like chai tea from the name, and got it without looking at the notes. Citrus and black tea are my death notes. Add rose into it and I normally would have ran for it. Somehow Possets made me love them so I'm impressed.

EOTD: Gold & Green

Monday, October 20, 2014

Subscription Box: Pretty & Polished October 2014 Beauty Box

I finally got my Pretty & Polished October box last Saturday, on the 18th of October. As always, the packaging's cute:

My favourite from this batch is Of Fire and Ice. It's a sheer black glitter polish and obviously, I had to do this glitter gradient look because it's so perfect for it!
Of Fire and Ice
Here's swatches for the other colours:
From left to right: Rake A Little Piece of My Heart, Bonfire Bliss, Autumn Enchantress
Autumn Enchantress and Bonfire Bliss are both glitter toppers and Rake A Little Piece of My Heart is a glitter pale peach crelly.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Review: Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries Perfumes (7 Scents)

Earlier, /u/minkishly, being the awesome person that she is, passed me 7 of her decants (6 scents since there was a double) of Blooddrop's Horses of the Carousel collection (decanted by the awesome Ajevie, as usual). I also got a full size of Moonstone, a Blooddrop exclusive scent for The Rhinestone Housewife.

First of all, huge rave for The Rhinestone Housewife. I sent her a message via her website because I noticed there's no security certificate on the site or an option to check out via Paypal. She got back to me really fast and fixed the problem (it was a website error). Not only that, she actually invoiced me separately on PayPal so I'd feel more comfortable. Everything was shipped out the next day!

The order also came with a free tub of Brazen eyeshadow!

Perfume Oil General Review

My skin seems to eat up Blooddrop really fast. They start off at casual conversation distance and I can smell certain notes waft up as I type, but they usually go down to about faux whisper distance within a minute. By 45min-1h, I tend to have to get pretty close to the skin to catch a whiff.

I like certain blends but certain blends also give me a headache. I'm still undecided on Blooddrop, so I'll definitely try more before scents first.

The full-size perfumes do not come sealed in anyway and doesn not have a reducer.

So on to scent reviews! As always, they're done blind until I write all the way up to the TL;DR. If any notes surprise me, I write an overview.


Scent Reviews



"A cool, lunar, dreamy, luminous blend for this goddess stone; white tea, apple meat, moonflower, blue agave, wintergreen, jasmine, and white ginger."

There's an icy touch to this scent along with a delicate, sweet, almost candy-like floral. The icy scent is that stone/concrete/rock note perfumers seem to like using -the kind that smells like Baygon, a popular insect repellent in Indonesia. While insect repellent sounds off-putting, Baygon actually smells great if you don't realize it's something you shouldn't be inhaling or using as a perfume. Other perfumes that use this notes are:

  • Alkemia's Prairie 66 (very dominant and almost the entire scent's just that note)
  • Black Violet's Apparition (balances with other aspects of that scent)
  • Black Violet's Komorebi (faint and in the background)

For Moonstone, this Baygon note is slightly stronger than the Baygon note in Black Violet's Komorebi -well-blended with the other notes to the point where it's almost overpowered, but definitely there and not in the background.

The result is a perfume that smells like small, delicate bursts of cotton candy pink flowers, preserved in icy frost while the cold, biting winter wind blows around it. If I'm picking an ad for this perfume, I'm totally picking this picture:
The video ad will have tons of CGI flowers blowing everywhere, obviously.
Gorgeous photography by Alena Root, check out her stuff here!
Unfortunately, within about 45 min, the scent has mellowed out to just a sweet, pink floral scent with a hint of something green, and you have to get close to the skin to sniff it.

TL;DR: Small, delicate bursts of cotton candy pink flowers, preserved in icy frost while the cold, biting winter wind blows around it

Overview: I can't pick out the apple in this, or any of the individual notes actually. They're really well blended. Not sure which note's responsible for the Baygon smell, and other perfumers with this note simply describe it as "stone" or "concrete".


Horses of the Carousel Collection


The Aurus Horse

"It smells of a vanilla bean cupcake with vanilla frosting covered in yellow and white daisy sugar flowers and edible gold stars."

There's a tart, sour smell that may be vanilla going sour on me. The sour smell is really strong and I can smell it as I type. You have to get to faux whispering distance to catch the full blast of it, though. I really can't smell anything except for that tart, sour smell for the first 5 minutes. Luckily, it calms down and I catch whiffs of green notes and that play-doh-like "cake" note. Unfortunately, by the time it calms down, it's very faint and I have to get close to the skin to catch a whiff.

The green is more of a realistic, sort of green that smells more like crushed plant stalks that have been left out for a while and starting to brown. It clashes with the play-doh "cake" note so I'm not really a fan of this scent -it's like someone serving you cake and you bite into it only to discover overcooked spinach inside. I really hope this doesn't mean Blooddrop's gourmands don't work on me.

TL;DR: The dry-down is that metallic "cake" scent a lot of gourmands turn into.


The Giant Horse 

"Its scent is of a bold, mocha cupcake with mocha frosting that is delicately drawn to appear like the horizon with tiny tree tops, roof tops, mountain tops and the ocean."

Ok, in the vial, it's a scary sour coffee smell. On my skin, there's hints of the sourness, but it's tempered down by the smell of slightly burnt coffee and a clean, office-like smell. Unfortunately, the sour smell keeps threatening to burst out. It's not a fruity sort of sourness smells like rotting coffee. Maybe it's a vanilla/caramel note going crazy. The resulting scent is like the cubicle of that one person who practically lives in the office -tons of empty mugs of coffee left out on his/her table because s/he's too wrapped up to wash them, and some mugs have even started to grow stuff.

Whatever you do..don't look inside..
Image courtesy of

TL;DR: Old mugs of coffee at various stages of age.

Overview: I still don't know what was creating that rotting smell. Usually it's vanilla or caramel that goes this way.


The Lyrical Horse

"Its scent is a pink vanilla cupcake with raspberry jam filling and raspberry meringue frosting softly ascending upwards."

I smell raspberries in this. It mostly smells like the artificial raspberries that I normally like, but there's something off. I can't really describe it. I think a note may be going crazy on me, but I can figure out which one it is. There's that plastic-like smell that raspberry scented toys seem to have, but there's another off smell I really can't describe. It makes me feel nauseous too.

TL;DR: Weird, artificial raspberries.

Overview: Maybe it's the cupcake mixed with the vanilla? I think Blooddrop's gourmands hate me.

The Mountain Horse

"Its scent is a dense, thick chocolate cupcake with a chocolate pudding center and dark chocolate glazed top."

This smells like a creamy chocolate truffle. Unfortunately the cheaper kind of mass produced "chocolate truffles" that tends to piss off chocolatiers and make your teeth ache. My skin tends to amp up sweet scents and holy crap this is sweet on me. I feel nauseous.

TL;DR: Very, very, very sweet chocolate truffle.


The Twisted Horse 

"Its scent is that of a fried dough, churro-like cupcake made with a vanilla and cinnamon sugar spiced batter. It has a crisp outer texture with a light fluffy interior and is dusting with powdered sugar and gold dust."

At first I get a vaguely sweet, deep fried goodies smell, but the cinnamon grew stronger and stronger until it smells a bit like those Red Hots candy. There's a bit of a dry, almost peppery smell in the background but it's mostly Red Hots. I urge people with cinnamon allergies to be very careful with this scent. I'm normally not allergic to cinnamon, but I can feel the spot I put this on feel warm.

I should have wiped it off because 5 minutes after I wrote that sentence, this was my arm:
It itches and still feels like it's burning T.T be careful with this scent. This has never happened to me before with cinnamon, so I'm hoping it's just this one off case and I'm not developing a cinnamon allergy.

There's something else cloying in this that I can't figure out since the Red Hots is so strong. I had to wash this off fast, so I don't know if I could identify the cloying smell once the Red Hots scent is gone.

TL;DR: Very strong Red Hots with a very dry, almost peppery scent and something cloying in the background.

Overview: To test out if I've developed a cinnamon allergy, I put on Possets' Gelato: Vaniglia the entire day. Nope, no rashes or anything. I also use Cocoa Pink's conditioner with the Cake on Monday scent, which also contains cinnamon, and I'm still ok after using that too. So I guess I'm still not allergic to cinnamon in reasonable doses and it's just this scent containing far too much of the cinnamon. For anyone who developed an adverse reaction to anything with cinnamon at all, it's best to stay away from this.


The Velvet Horse

"Its scent is that of a chocolate and coconut cupcake with chocolate cream cheese filling and chocolate frosting decorated with red and purple sugar rose petals."

Oh I like this. It's chocolate but more like a buttery, melted chocolate that's not so sweet. There's a floral in this, but it's too blended into the scent for me to identify what it is exactly. It ends up smelling like chocolate being melted in the kitchen of a traditional chocolatier. There's the smell of a clean room and melted chocolate with flower petals sprinkled on top. I love this one and this is actually one of my favourite chocolate scents ever - actual creamy, smooth chocolate. It doesn't end up going sandalwood on me or smelling like chocolate powder, it's actual chocolate. I'm a huge fan.

I want to swim in this...not in reality though. Someone actually nearly drowned in a vat of chocolate in the Hershey factory once.
Image courtesy of

TL;DR: Flowers sprinkled on buttery, melted chocolate in a clean room.


While a bunch of scents didn't work out on me, these are scents that didn't work out on /u/minkishly as well, so there's a chance they're the weirder scents. I'm definitely giving Blooddrop another try.  The only thing I'm sure about is that their vanillas just don't work on me, so if you have a similar skin chemistry, steer clear. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Swatches: Beauty For The Win

Laurel from Beauty For The Win sent me eyeshadows to help her swatch some time ago. She finally launched today and you can buy her shadows here!

She's also having a sale right now and each purchase you make supports a charity! Here's her launch announcement, in text to make copying the sales codes easier:

I'm so excited to finally be able to launch my brand; Beauty For The Win! 
You may remember my soft launch earlier this summer, along with hints of an August launch.Well, grad school happened and the opening got delayed, so I had to expand my timeline. But the website is up and running, and I'm excited to share all three opening collections with you all! 
Each collection sponsors a charity -- 1$ from all full sized products and .50$ from each sample sized product goes to a charity that relates to the collections theme.-The Fault In Our Swatches - Eyeshadows based on The Fault In Our Stars, sponsoring This Star Won't Go Out -We Are Wizards - Eyeshadows based on Harry Potter, sponsoring The Harry Potter Alliance -The Jane Austen Blush Club - Blushes based on Jane Austen Heroines, sponsoring Girls Write Now 
And to celebrate, we're having a sale for the rest of October. Not only do we have amazing Blogger specials this month, all regular products are 15% off with the code IMAMLOVE and full collections are 25% off with the code OPENINGFUN 
And if you have a coupon for free shipping from the soft-launch, that will be good until January 31st to make up for the delay in launching.If you have any questions, I'm more than happy to chat with y'all! I'm so excited for this launch that's been a long time coming! 
EDIT:I forgot to mention; I changed website hosts, which also added to the delay. But now, I can accept paypal, which I think should improve the shopping experience :]

Anyway, these are the shadows she sent me for swatching:

Her samples are so generous, I still have some left even after wasting so much on these shots! 
How they arrived.
Safety seals! Yay!
So on to swatches!

Glitter glue close ups. Swatched over Darling Girl's Glitter Glue.
Completely bare skin

Foiled with water, over bare skin


Over Darling Girl's Glitter Glue

Monday, October 13, 2014

Review: Dreaming Tree Soapworks

I finally got around to reviewing my Dreaming Tree Soapworks stuff! They're still on sale right now - 15% off $30 or more until Oct 14 with code: octoberbaby

Yes, the scrub's leaking oil when it arrived.

I got: 
  • Oatmeal Stout Whipped Scrub
  • Isis limited edition perfume oil
  • Hobbiton Banana Bread lip balm
  • Land of Nod Magic Stick Body Balm

And got two soap samples in:
  • Siren of the Sea
  • 4&20 Blackbirds

Customer Service Review

Ordered: June 7
Shipped: June 13
Received: June 24

They used first class mail so the shipping's really fast. The order processing time may have increased because they were having a sale. Overall, I'm happy with their turnaround time. I sent Meghan, the owner a question, and she responded within a day, so I'm very happy with the customer service.

I'm just slightly concerned with the shipping. There wasn't enough stuffing and they can bounce around in the box if you shake it. 

As you can see from the pic above, my body scrub arrived leaking everywhere. This isn't the only scrub that I received leaking though, so I'm chalking it up to international shipping. 

I was told by the owner that it's probably because of the summer heat (you can read the exchange later below). One of the free sample soaps was melting too, and the other crumbled and that's probably because there wasn't enough cushioning in the package. I'm not upset about soaps since I'm happy I even got freebies, but I think it's a factor worth noting if you're buying this brand in hot weather. I frequently order bath products including soap and so far, all except 2 brands survived the trip to Indonesia, so it's not like we have crazy heat that blasts all soaps. 

Oatmeal Stout Whipped Sugar Review

"Oatmeal Stout is a blend of sweet oat bread, butterscotch and just a hint of cocoa."

Yes, as you can tell from the picture directly above & my haul picture, my body scrub arrived leaking. I opened it to check if it's ok and this is how it looks like:

There's no safety seal, just a shrinkwrap seal on the outside.

Half of the scrub is solid and half of it is this watery, oily liquid. I tried it out and it just feels like a normal oil-based sugar scrub with very small sugar grains. I've tried whipped soaps and bubbling scrubs, but this is the first "whipped scrub" I've gotten, so I wasn't sure what it's supposed to be like. I thought I better email the owner just to check, and here's our exchange:

Ok..sounds easy enough, so I stuck my tub in the fridge for 12h. When I fished it out, the oil part solidified so I mixed it the way I normally eat a shaved ice dessert -by jabbing it repeatedly with a spoon to break it up before swirling it around. 

Tried it out again and it feels like a normal, non-oily sugar scrub, just colder. I decided to let it settle at room temperature (my room's normally 16-20 degrees Celsius or) since this is probably not meant to be chilly at all times. This is how it looks like now:
Kinda like a sugar paste

Tried it again and it feels like a normal sugar paste scrub, so I think "whipped scrub" is just a fancy name. Here's a comparison with HoG's exfoliating scrub to give you an idea of the texture:

Left: Dreaming Tree's Whipped Scrub
Right: Haus of Gloi's Emulsifying Scrub

The whipped scrub is more paste-like, and spreads
more evenly. It's also less oily than HoG's scrub.
There's more separation between the oil and the sugar
in HoG's scrub, and it leaves more of an oily residue.
It's very similar to Haunt's sugar scrub in texture. Only Haunt's oil disappears without a trace, while this leaves a very light oily film on your skin. 

Scent-wise, this is really strong. I used this about an hour before I went to bed, and I can still smell it the next morning. Thanks to the leakage my entire room smells of it when I opened the package. I dumped the tub in the sink to wash of the oil and the entire bathroom smells like it for hours. It's amazing!

The Oatmeal Stout scent and it smells like very sweet, bready stout. A tad too sweet but still delicious! It's not my skin amping up the sweetness, it already smells sweet in the tub. I personally love it! This scent is about to be discontinued and I have no idea why. Either way, I've snagged myself a few tubs..

Hobbiton Banana Bread Lip Balm

"Banana Bread Flavor"

This is my favourite purchase! It's slightly less oily and stiffer than the other indie lip balms I've gotten (Notoriously Morbid, Bubble & Geek), but it's still moisturizing. It smells delicious too! Exactly like banana bread! Taste-wise, this is sweetened with stevia, which I like because I'm can't resist sweet stuff. There's a bit of a waxy taste to this, and I'm not sure if it comes from the lip balm or the flavour. It's not strong enough to be a big deal for me though, so I still love it!

Another thing I'm happy about is that it's twice sealed:

The seal on the cap breaks as soon as you open it.

Isis Perfume Oil

"Goddess of  the deep mysteries of the feminine ability to create and to bring life from that which is lifeless.. Lucious red fruits, peach, swirling in a veil of frankincense, cassia, egyptian musk."

Just a word of warning, I'm not sure if it's my bottle, but the reducer doesn't work. Everything just pours out. Here's my arm after attempting to put a drop of perfume oil on it:

Not the drop I was hoping for...

As usual, I tested the scent blind. Scent-wise, this just smells like artificial apples. In fact, it smells identical to a Bath & Bodyworks hand sanitizer I've used. If you want a drugstore "apple" smell, this is it. The good thing is that this scent is strong and definitely the kind that'll fill up an entire room.

TL;DR: Bath & Bodyworks's apple scent.

Overview: Tried it again after reading the description. Still the boring apple scent.

Land of Nod Magic Stick Body Balm

"Calming lavender and palmarosa."

This is very, very sticky. Like it feels like you're rubbing a glue stick on yourself. The smell does clear my sinuses though. It's a very sharp, icy smell that kind of reminds me too much of my dad since he loves using this icy oil to help him sleep every night. As a kid, I used to hate hugging him at night since the smell stung my nose and made my eyes water. Apparently, I've even refused him hugs because of that oil before. I don't remember that...

Soap Reviews

Well, they're soap. Like almost all soap bars, this leaves your hand with that dry, tacky feeling. This thread on reddit has great explanations on why this is the case. Apparently this is just characteristic of soap, and mainstream soap bars often add all sorts of thing to get rid of that feeling.
Yup...4/20 Blackbirds melted all over.

Siren of the Sea

"It's clean, fresh scent is a blend of sea moss, lavender, sandalwood, ozone (air) and other light florals that are truly reminiscent of a soft ocean breeze."

This smells like a slightly blue, clean white bar soap. The most prominent smell is definitely that white bare soap smell. 

4&20 Blackbirds

"An amazingly intoxicating fruity yet sophistacated house blend with notes of ripe succulent blackberries, summer wine, golden honey amber, tender woods with an earthy herbal twist. "

This smells like sweet & sour blackberries, and it's a delicious, warm smell.