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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Review: Enchanteur Body Lotions

Guess what I got from Enchanteur!

It's quite an awesome haul! Enchanteur sponsored me to review their products, but as always, all opinions are mine. Enchanteur is a multi-national personal care brand that's distributed in the Middle East, as well as Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Hong Kong. In Indonesia, Enchanteur can be found in several supermarket chains including Giant, Transmart and Carrefour. Check out Enchanteur's site to see their full product range!

In this review, I'll focus on the body lotions since I received all 3 scents it came in. All 3 are floral scents, so if you're a fan of floral scents, you'll definitely want them.

For this review, I actually stopped my husband before he went to work so he can help me test the scents out. There are 3 scents, I've already put on my jeans, and I only have 2 arms....I need a 3rd limb to test the 3rd scent.... :P

Being the world's best hubby, obviously volunteered to help. Look at him, he's so happy to do it.

So recently, my husband and I went on a dive trip to Timor Leste, and ignoring my warnings about the importance of sun protection, my husband went and got himself sunburnt (sigh...boys.). He's been peeling like crazy so he's looking like a fuzzy lizard at the moment. Since the body lotions contain aloe vera which is great for healing sunburns and highly moisturizing olive butter, I convinced him to lend me his arms...for his own good, of course.

I didn't think it would actually work for healing sunburns, so I didn't take before shots, but it actually did! He's not so fuzzy now! The lotion absorbs fast, so you don't end up with that sticky lotion feeling, it feels light and not greasy at all, but at the same time, it really moisturizes! It's definitely great for applying lotion on the go.

My husband likes the feel of it so much, he's asking me for massages with it every night now...with the pretext of healing his sunburns. Honestly, his sunburns are pretty much gone now, but I think he's enjoying being pampered.

Scent Reviews


"Rose and Iris enhanced with creamy Vanilla"

The scent is a sharp but light, vibrant rose scent with a hint of powderiness that comes from the vanilla. Out of the three scents, I find that this is the one that's the most attention grabbing, and intensely floral. Even with the vanilla, it's not a gourmand scent at all. I think this scent is the most mature out of the three scents.

Personally, I find it too floral for me since I'm not a big fan of florals, but if you're a floral fan, you'll go nuts over this. This one is my husband's favourite scent!


"Rose, Muguet and soft Cedarwood"

This is one of those clean, powdery yellow floral scent that makes me think of a clean, white bar of soap. The florals are definitely the top notes that hit you first, but underneath, you can definitely smell the luxurious cedarwood base note grounding the scent. I'm a huge fan of woody scents so I wish the cedarwood is stronger, because it smells soooooo gorgeous! Even with the cedarwood, this scent is a cool, light scent that's feathery rather than heavy.

If you want a clean scent that makes you smell like you've just stepped out of the shower and freshly scented yourself with nothing but soap, this is it. It's an ageless, classic scent. As the scent dries down, I get more of that cedarwood I love and the scent just makes me feel like I'm lounging in an elegant, wood-panelled study, curled up with a good book on a leather, wingback chair.


"Bulgarian roses with White Jasmine"

This one is my favourite. Normally, Bulgarian rose as a note scares me since Bulgarian rose scents tend to be heavy, heady rose scents. Not this one, though. It's a velvety, yet light rose scent with that clean, elegant white floral scent jasmines bring. There's the stereotype that roses are heavy, "old lady" scents, but this is definitely young and light, without being little girl-ish. It makes me think of a young girl in the first blush of youth, starting to become an elegant young lady. It makes me think of ballerinas in flowing tutus, gracefully gliding across the room while soft, pink rose petals shower them.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

DIY Layered Contour-Blush-Highlight

As part of my series in making DIY makeup for Christmas gifts, this is a layered contour-blush-highlighter I made that lets you contour in one swipe!

The tutorial is available in video version here:

But this is the pictorial version for those of you who prefer reading!

First of all, you'll need: 

  • A contour shade, a blush shade & a highlighting shade (I just used Emina Cosmetics' eyeshadow trio in Neapolitan) 
  • A spatula/anything that can break up the eyeshadow 
  • A pan (or you can even use a regular jar) 
  • Disinfecting alcohol

Crush up the eyeshadow and place them in the pan in layers.

Pour the alcohol in:

Make sure there's no dry spots!

To check if it's ready for pressing, gently place tissue over it, and then carefully peel back the tissue. If there's still stuff stuck on the tissue like in the picture below, it's not ready.

This is ready:

You can press by just layering tissue/cloth over it and then pressing down with your palms.

Or you can get fancy and press patterns into it with a stamp!

And that's it! You can contour your face in just one swipe!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

DIY Cosmetics - How To Make Matte Eyeshadows

Christmas is coming and I thought an awesome gift idea would be handmade makeup! So this is going to be part of my series of DIY Makeup Tutorials!

In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make matte eyeshadows, and the same formula can be used for blushes & contour shades too. I created a video of the process, but I know some people prefer reading to watching, so this blog post will be the written version.

So, pigments on their own can't be used as makeup straight away. You'll find that they're gritty, streaky, and won't stick to your face. Even if you're using a loose powder formula, you'll need some sort of base to make the pigment usable as makeup.

Out of all the bases I've experimented with, I found that one of the best formulas for matte products is TKB Trading's Matte Texture Base. If you're starting out with making cosmetics, I suggest getting this. TKB Trading is my favourite place to get my raw ingredients for making cosmetics, just because they offer sample sizes so I can try out a LOT of colours. TKB Trading's sample sizes are generally about $1.50 for 6g, and 6g will get you about 4-8 average eyeshadow pans, depending on how much base you use. That's more than enough for me, since I'm making these for my personal use.

Tools & Ingredients

  • Ziplock bags (1 for each colour you'll make)
  • Small measuring spoons/coffee stirring spoons (as many as you need)
  • Alcohol for disinfecting
  • TKB Trading's Matte Texture Base
  • Matte Pigments

The basic steps for creating matte products are:

  1. Wear gloves & a mask, keep your hair out of your face & sterilize everything. If you look like you're about to murder someone, you're on the right track.
  2. Mix the pigments & base in the ratio recommended below in a ziplock bag
  3. Keep squishing the ziplock bag until the pigment is thoroughly mixed with the base. You may need to grind hard with matte pigments.

Matte pigments come in dyes, oxides, ultramarines, ferric ferrocyanide, manganese violet & carmine. The recommended ratio for the mix depends on what kind of matte pigment you're working with, and these are the ratios that I find works best for me through years of experimenting. Of course, you may prefer a different ratio, so feel free to experiment!

I'm skipping over carmine because I haven't worked with it yet, just because it's so expensive.

Ferric Ferrocyanide, Ultramarines & Manganese Violet

These ingredients are pretty difficult to work with, since they can be gritty and streaky. Make sure you grind them well. They're also more fickle when you're pressing them into pressed products, and that's a reason why a lot of purple eyeshadows just suck.

Mixing Ratio:

  • 1 part pigment
  • 2 parts base


These are all the ingredients that have "Oxide" in Chromium Oxide, Titanium Dioxide & Iron Oxide.

Mixing Ratio:

  • 1 part pigment
  • 1 part base
These are the easiest to work with, and they're so easy, you can even get a good result with just grinding it with sericite mica alone in a 4:1 sericite mica to oxide ratio. I personally prefer the result I get from the TKB Trading base since I find it more blendable, but if you're in the mood for experimenting, you can try out using sericite mica alone and see how you like the formula.


These are ingredients that usually go [Colour][#Number], like Blue #1, Red #33, etc. They're very vibrant & have the tendency to stain. Not all dyes are safe to use on every part of your face, so make sure you read TKB Trading's ingredient info carefully to see where you can use them.

Mixing Ratio:

  • 1 part pigment
  • 2 parts base


Why does some ingredients say that it's safe for eye use in the EU, but not in the US?

Some ingredients have been tested and deemed safe for use around the eyes in the EU, but they haven't gotten tested for FDA approval in the US. So it's not that they're dangerous and will melt your eyes out of your head, they just have not been submitted for testing yet. That's why Urban Decay's Electric palette is officially called a "Pressed Pigment Palette" instead of an eyeshadow palette, even though they're marketed as eyeshadows. It's because some of their pigments are not FDA approved to be used around the eyes yet.

How do you use loose powder pigments?

I got you:

I hate using loose powder pigments. How do I press these?

Not only am I going to show you how it's done, I'll teach you how to make *~fancy~* lace eyeshadows:

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Review: Shittiest Product Ever - Berrisom Peel Off Lip Tints

So I remember reading about Berrisom peel off lip tints a year ago, and one of my friends told me they were the best selling K-Beauty product in Malaysia. I ended up buying them on impulse when they were on sale.

Either my friend was sorely mistaken, or there's one sadistic psycho who derives pleasure in torturing people buying them in bulk.

Let me take you through the bullshit application process first....

First, it's like applying Elmer's glue on your lips. It's hard to get an even layer and the edges get patchy as they dry as you apply. At the same time, the middle bit? They never dry fully, even after 5 minutes, because your saliva keeps it wet. And I have Sjögren's, a disease that keeps my mouth bone dry, so I have no idea what it'll be like for normal people.

So it takes 5 minutes for most of it to dry. WHO THE HELL HAS 5 MINUTES TO WAIT FOR THEIR LIPSTICK TO DRY???

Oh, and the scent. You know how those "fruit-scented" plastic toys we had as kids always had that cloyingly artificial scent? Now imagine setting them on fire and mixing the scent of melting plastic in. That's how these smell like. Various shades of melted plastic.

If you get them on your teeth, you're going to have to rebrush your teeth because just wiping them off with a tissue won't work.

Certain colours also sting as you wait for them to dry. I legit started tearing while doing a swatch video:

Oh, and they leave this gross, sour, acrid taste on your lips. You know how dentists put acid on your cavities to really clean them before putting in the filling? THAT taste.

After all that shit, you would at least expect it to be long lasting. Nope. It faded in patches in less than 4h, before I even ate anything or drank anything other than water. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS BULLSHIT??? After everything I've been through, I expect this shit to be not just bulletproof, but nuclear bomb proof. As in, when the nuclear holocaust comes along and I have to eat my husband for survival, my lips are still a lovely shade of pink as I gnaw on his remains.

Did I mention that since it's hard to get an even layer on, the stain left behind ends up looking patchy? It looks like I just bit my lips and they're lovingly stained with blood. In fact, I think I'd have a more pleasant experience if I just bit my lips and used my own blood as a lip stain.


Thursday, November 9, 2017

Video: Fingers Only Challenge - Glam Look

Yes, I did a full face glam look for my fingers only challenge...check out the video here!

I got the Korean Cosmetics from Cosmetic Love! You can use my code "MONOLIDS" for 10% off! 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Ristra 4-Step Skincare & House of Ristra Facial Review

Ristra sponsored me to try out their products & spa treatment, and write a blog post & post on IG about them!

I got to try out Ristra products, which are designed for tropical weather like Indonesia and are pH-balanced for your skin. Apparently, the pH of their products ranges between 4.5-5.5, which is the ideal pH for your skin. Ristra claims that their products are "Cosmetodermatologically Tested", cosmetodermatology being a term they coined for dermatology with a focus on aesthetics.

Before I go on, here's a....

...short summary of my skin condition.

I have combination skin, with an extremely oily T-zone that's, while oily, still dehydrated from within since I have Sjögren's. I'm also very prone to breakouts, and at the moment, I have a breakout with a lot of painful cystic acne on my cheeks thanks to finding out too late that ferments break me out. Since I'm turning 29 next month, I'm also dealing with aging skin, and I'm already seeing age spots and fine lines!

The set I received contains 5 products and this is how you use them:

Step 1: Extremely Gentle Cleansing Milk & Med Soap

Ristra groups these 2 steps under 1 step, but if you're wondering what order to use them in, the Extremely Gentle Cleansing Milk should be used before the Med Soap. The Extremely Gentle Cleansing Milk sis a cleanser that you use first and foremost. It's meant to remove dirt, dust & makeup, and feels like a body lotion over my face. Don't worry if you don't like the feeling of lotion all over your face, this is meant to be washed off next.

The Extremely Gentle Cleansing Milk is really gentle, so I had problems getting rid of my more bullet proof makeup. I guess that's one of the trade offs if you want makeup that can last through anything!

The Med Soap foams a lot, but I like how it doesn't make my face feel dry and sticky like some facial soaps. Definitely something I'm comfortable using twice a day!

Step 2: Toning Lotion

After you're done cleansing, soak a cotton pad with this toning lotion and wipe your face down with it. This is created for normal to dry skin and I didn't find it astringent or drying at all. The purpose of toner is usually to correct the pH of your skin so it's more receptive to your next few products.

What I normally do with my toner is that once I've wiped my face down with it, I apply it once again all over my skin with tapping motions, just to make sure my skin really absorbs it in.

Step 3: Moisturizing Cream

This is the final step of the routine! Moisturizer! This is definitely a thick moisturizer, so it may take some getting used to for those of you not used to using moisturizer daily. For me, I usually use my moisturizers twice a day, but if that's too much for you, you can always stick to once a day. Baby steps count!

Step 4: Scrub Cream

Ristra puts this as Step 4 since you're only supposed to use this 1-2x a week, depending on your skin, but this should actually be Step 2.5 as you're supposed to use this scrub after washing your face. Scrubbing is important to get rid of the dead skin build up on your face, that can cause clogged pores. It's important to find a scrub that's gentle for your skin though.

The way I used this is that I slather it all over my damp face, rub gently, then wash it off. Make sure your face is damp and you rub really gently. Scrubs shouldn't hurt. If it hurts, you're doing it wrong.

If you'd like to buy these products, the Med Soap is available in Watson, DanDan & Alfamart. The full range of products are available online at at Lazada, JD.ID and Tokopedia.

House of Ristra Facial

Oh, I also got to try out a facial treatment in the House of Ristra spa in Wahid Hasyim! Here are the locations for House of Ristra spas:

Ristra Klinik Wahid Hasyim
Jl. Wahid Hasyim Raya no. 74, Menteng, Jakpus.
Phone: 021-3102001 
Ristra Klinik Radio Dalam
Jl. Radio Dalam Raya no. 5B, Kabayoran, Jaksel.
Phone : 021-7226673 
Ristra Pondok Indah Mall
South Skywalk Lt. 1 No. S106 & S107.
Phone : 021-759 20803 
Ristra Klinik Bandung
Ruko Gallery Cimbeleuit No.3/42, Cimbeleuit, Bandung.
Phone : 0878-2586-1926

I got the Platinum Facial, a microdermabration, and a Yellow Light Treatment for my hair. The platinum facial was really awesome and relaxing, I fell asleep almost straight away and woke up to really soft skin, so it's awesome. They also extracted some white heads and blackheads, but left my cystic acne alone.

The microdermabration is really gentle, and so much dead skin came off my face. It was sooo satisfying!

The Yellow Light Treatment is meant to boost hair health & growth, and it feels really warm and relaxing, and I'm thinking of signing up for a package since I'm going bald. Look out for the results in a few months time!