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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Review & Swatches: 12 Colours from Pigment of My Imaginations Cosmetics

A new indie store, Pigment of My Imagination Cosmetics (POMI), just opened and I was sent all 12 of their colours for swatching and review.

I can't really comment on the turnaround time since I got these as press samples, but I just have to share this with you guys. I have no idea what mail gods were at work, but I got these within 12 days. This never happens. Mail takes at least 3 weeks to get to Indonesia. Holy crap.

Anyway, I'm pretty impressed with the formula –they're smooth and really easy to blend, with very little fall out. I did find that the colours tend to sheer out too much for my liking when blended over primer only, but that's something that can be fixed by using a white eyeshadow base underneath. I also found some colours a bit hard to build up, but that's a common issue I've had with a lot of indie eyeshadows.

The formula of the matte shades are honestly one of my favourite indie matte formulas. They're very smooth, blendable and pigmented, even on bare skin. In fact, I prefer them over bare skin. I accidentally discovered that the formula seem to clash with UDPP's formula, and over UDPP, they end up caking and streaking. I didn't have this problem over Eccentric Cosmetics' primer though, and they go perfectly smooth and neat.


Swatches & Detailed Reviews

Macro Shots

Morgan, Meagan, Katrina, Lucy, Kelly, Linda, Tori, Ripley, Marcia, Chamomile, Clementine, Brooke
Under natural light, over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy for the non-mattes, over bare skin for the mattes

Yup, I picked the bare skin swatches for the matte eyeshadows' macro shots. I had to show off how great they looked over bare skin!

Morgan, Meagan, Katrina, Lucy, Kelly, Linda, Tori, Ripley, Marcia, Chamomile, Clementine, Brooke
Under natural light
From left to right: Over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy, Over Eccentric Cosmetics' primer, Over bare skin, Foiled with water over bare skin

Morgan, Meagan, Katrina, Lucy, Kelly, Linda, Tori, Ripley, Marcia, Chamomile, Clementine, Brooke
Under yellow-toned artificial light
From left to right: Over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy, Over Eccentric Cosmetics' primer, Over bare skin, Foiled with water over bare skin
To avoid repeating myself too much in the detailed reviews, all colours are easy to blend and applies smoothly with minimal fall out unless stated otherwise. I'm only doing detailed reviews for colours that stand out in any way.

Morgan is slightly sheer and pigmented at the same time. It sounds confusing, but what I mean is that it's pretty light and sheer, but once you build it up or layer it over another colour, it really shines. I used this in the middle for a halo-eye look I did (pics below) and the effect was stunning.

Katrina has strong blue highlights that show up even when the colour is patted over another eyeshadow instead of over primer or glitter glue. I'm definitely impressed with this colour!

Tori looks like a Candied Apple dupe (I don't own Candied Apple so this is just based on swatches). The shift shows up vibrantly over glitter glue and subtly over primer, but I find that blending erases all of it.

Ripley does not build up that well and ends up too sheer when you're applying it over another eyeshadow. It does really well on it's own though, and makes a great liner.

Morgan, Meagan, Katrina, Lucy, Kelly, Linda, Tori, Ripley, Marcia, Chamomile, Clementine, Brooke
Under natural light
Left: Bare skin
Right: Over Urban Decay's Primer Potion
For the matte swatches, I only did it over bare skin and primer under natural light, since there's no shift to show off. Here's the cake-y swatches I was talking about. This is only because something in these eyeshadows don't agree with UDPP. I have had 0 problems with these eyeshadows over Eccentric Cosmetics' primer and over bare skin.

Chamomile is a yellow-toned cream shade that's perfect as a base colour to blend your eyeshadows over if you have a lighter skin-toned. I've ended up using Chamomile & Clementine daily as a base shade, and they just make every colour blend so beautifully. They're both so smooth and so easy to use, even on bare skin. One of them will definitely be my HG base eyeshadow once I finish my current one!

Clementine performs exactly like Chamomile. It's more pink-toned, but somehow it blends seamlessly into my skin too. I think I'm just lucky I'm yellow-toned with some pink undertones. I really hope POMI comes up with more matte base shades so people with darker shades can have their perfect match too!

Brooke performs as beautifully as the other mattes. I personally love the colour most over bare skin.


Actual Application

All the looks I did below are either over primer or bare skin. I've been too lazy to put in the extra work to use glitter glue lately, especially since I think primer should be more than enough to make an eyeshadow look good if the formula's great. As you can see below, the results are good!

The mattes over bare skin...

The light is crap, but you can see how great it is.
Chamomile was the all over lid colour. Clementine is on my inner corners, but it kind of blends into Chamomile since the difference is to subtle to pick up under this lighting. Brook is the smoked out purple.

Sorry for the crappy shot, I was traveling and had to take this shot in a hurry in a bathroom at 5am. This was the only shot that was in focus. I love how well these perform over bare skin! The only downside of skimping on primer is that it fades by the end of the day, but I'll happily trade longevity for convenience.

The blues...
Over Eccentric Cosmetics' primer only
Kelly is the main colour on the lid, and Linda is blended on top of it. Marcia is blended into the outer half. The bottom lashline is lined with Lucy. Either Chamomile or Clementine was the base eyeshadow colour.

Halo eyes...
Over Eccentric Cosmetics' primer only
 This is Tori, Ripley, Morgan and Meagan all blended into this halo look. This is what I'm talking about when I mentioned that Morgan is surprisingly sheer and pigmented at the same time. The purple tones of Meagan still peeks through, but holy crap Morgan really glows. The white part in the middle of my lower lashline is Morgan foiled with water.

A subtle cut-crease...
Over Eccentric Cosmetics' primer only
The purple blended out is Brooke, as you can see, it blends so easily with 0 caking. Initially, I used Chamomile as the lid shade, but it blended so much with my skin, it looked like a negative space cut-crease. I ended up blending Katrina on top and that's the colour I got. I was so impressed the blue highlights stayed, even though I was blending the eyeshadow over another shadow instead of over primer/glitter glue.

Lips is Australis' Velourlips in Shang-Hi

Look how they blend!
Over Eccentric Cosmetics' primer only
I wanted to show how well the colours blend, so I blended Ripley & Lucy together. Unfortunately, they got a bit too sheered out thanks to my overenthusiastic blending. I had a hard time building the colour up again once it's this sheered out. The liner is Marcia foiled with water.

Review: Clio's Twisturn Liners

I got Clio's Twisturn Eyeliner in Night Purple & Star Silver during a trip to Singapore and finally got around to reviewing them. The TL;DR is that I'm not a fan of these.

I'm a huge fan of Clio's Kill Black liner, so I was really excited for these. Unfortunately, they're a totally different formula with a whole different packaging. As the name suggests, you twist these liners to get the colour out. Unfortunately, the colour bursts out unevenly and you get spills like this:

I still don't know how to get them to come out with an even consistency. What I normally do to get around this is that I wipe the blob of colour off the brush on my arm, then dip the now clean brush into the blob and apply the colour on.

Unlike the Kill line of liners, the brush is thicker and isn't that precise either. It's prone to splitting this way:

As you can guess, this makes precise application much harder. Sometimes, I just use my own liner brush.

The formula is much thicker and goopier than the Kill line's formula, and it's prone to gunking together. It takes longer to dry, and when it does, it tends to crack.


This is seriously my best attempt at creating a swirl with the liner. As you can see, they're not the easiest to work with.

On My Eyes

Night Purple

monolid, make up

It's prone to smudging under my eyes since it takes a long time to dry. Over here, you can see the liner starting to crack as it dries.

Star Silver
monolid, make up

Getting an even line is definitely hard with this formula. Think working with goopy nail polish. Experts can do it, but noobs like me can't. Here's the full face for this look:

monolid, make up

Friday, August 28, 2015

Review & Swatches: Dark Matter Makeup Blues & Brights Eyeshadows (15 colours) & 1 Lipsaber Colour

Here's my final review for my Dark Matter Makeup stash, and I'm reviewing 15 eyeshadow shades and a lipsaber in Darth Maulvelous. Head here for part 1, head here for part 2!


Darth Maulvelous Lipsaber Swatch & Review

This is like a creamed lipstick and similar in texture to Fyrinnae's lip lustres...think mashed potatoes sort of texture but slightly stiffer. Like Fyrinnae's formula, it sometimes needs to be warmed up so the doe foot applicator can get the product out. I usually just stick it under my armpits since I'm not blessed in the boobage department, so I have no boobs to stick it in between. 

It's definitely comfortable to wear and non-sticky. Like most lip products formulated for comfort, it's not too long-lasting and they do transfer a lot, but I don't mind it since I prefer comfort to longevity. I found the formula a tad drying, but it could be because my lips have been feeling dry for a while. There was a bit of feathering after some time, but it's nothing that can't be fixed with concealer or a lip liner.


Eyeshadows Review & Swatches

Glitter Glue Macros:

Marie, Neptune, Triton, Pisces, Michiru, TMTYL, Leo, Minako, Makoto, Why So Sirius, Ariel, Sagittarius, Chiaki, Margaret, See You Space Cowboy
Under natural light, over Darling Girl's glitter glue

Primer Macros:
Marie, Neptune, Triton, Pisces, Michiru, TMTYL, Leo, Minako, Makoto, Why So Sirius, Ariel, Sagittarius, Chiaki, Margaret, See You Space Cowboy
Under natural light, over Urban Decay's Primer Potion

Now that I've tried all 52 colours, I'm comfortable giving a general review of the formula. When I chatted with Dom about the swatches I'd do for her, she asked for glitter glue swatches since that's the base she recommends customers to use. I agree with her since the colours are generally best patted on over glitter glue as the main part of your look so you can really capture the gorgeous shifts. These colours are really pretty, and most of the prettiness is lost over primer, or goes bald when blended out. Due to the limitations of glitter glue and the steeper learning curve, I'd recommend these colours for people who are more practiced with using glitter glue with loose shadows, or prefer graphic, unblended looks. Personally, I love them the most as ombré liners (tutorial here). 

I also find that the mattes tend to have a slight sheen to them, so they're not as matte as I prefer. 

I noticed that any colour with a blue/green base and Leo tends to stain heavily, and even several washes with an oil-based make up remover won't remove the stains:

There's more, but these are the ones I took pictures of. 
The staining on my lids usually last about 2 days. I'm personally not a fan of the staining since it limits what kind of looks I can do the next day since I have to cover up the green stains on my lids.

They're definitely pretty colours though, and I love how pretty they are over a sticky base!

Under Natural Light

Makoto, Why So Sirius, Ariel, Sagittarius, Chiaki, Margaret, See You Space Cowboy

Makoto is a pretty silver. It's supposed to have  don't really see much of a shift IRL, but I don't mind as much since the colour's easy to use. 

Why So Sirius? is this blackened silver that sometimes darkens, depending on what primer you use. It's pretty pressure sensitive too, and may look more like a dark grey when blended. 

Ariel is pretty easy to use over primer, I like this colour a lot. It turns more teal when blended and tends to stain your lids.

Sagittarius is extremely sparkly so it's very glitter glue dependent. It's best patted on since it tends to look like Chiaki or Margeret when blended, and turns into this muddy black.

Chiaki is best patted on since it tends to look like Margaret or Sagittarius when blended, and turns into this muddy black.

Margaret is best patted on since it tends to look like Chiaki or Sagittarius when blended, and turns into this muddy black.

See You Space Cowboy is pretty enough over primer alone and isn't glitter glue dependent. The colour is rather pressure sensitive, so apply it carefully and avoid creasing. This colour tends to stain your lids heavily.
Marie, Neptune, Triton, Pisces, Michiru, TMTYL, Leo, Minako

Marie is supposed to be matte, but like most DMM mattes, it has a bit of a sheen. This colour tends to stain your lids heavily.

Neptune is gorgeous and my favourite formula out of the blues. This colour tends to stain your lids heavily.

Triton is really gorgeous but I did struggle with getting an even application with this colour. I ended up with a lot of fall out and it still ends up a bit patchy. This colour tends to stain your lids heavily.

Pisces is such a gorgeous colour, but like Triton, I struggled getting an even application and found the formula even more prone to going bald on my lids than Triton. Definitely glitter glue dependent. This colour tends to stain your lids heavily.

Michiru is apparently supposed to have an orange highlight and I didn't know about this until I checked the description. I thought I got a bad batch, but when I look closely at the macro swatches, I think I see it. When you use it though, it's too subtle to really show up.

TMTYL is a bright colour I really like, and it looks best over a white eyeliner. I find that the colour does not show up when blended over another eyeshadow and tends to just add a mild green tint, so you can create cool effects with it. The colour mildly stains your lids.

Leo is a very vibrant colour and mildly stains your lids. The duochrome's a bit on the fragile side, so I can't seem to capture the shift when I apply it over glitter glue on my eyes because of the way my eyes crease. 

Minako is a great bright yellow. I could capture the duochrome in my swatches, but on my eyes, they tend to just go bald and turn into a plain yellow. 

Under Yellow-Toned Artificial Light

Makoto, Why So Sirius, Ariel, Sagittarius, Chiaki, Margaret, See You Space Cowboy

Marie, Neptune, Triton, Pisces, Michiru, TMTYL, Leo, Minako


On my eyes...

Flaming Lamborghini Inspired Look

I used Chiaki, Leo, Neptune, Leo & See You Space Cowboy. I found that Chiaki tended to go muddy when blended here, while Neptune's awesome to blend.

Michiru, Ariel & Chiaki Halo

Makoto is the all over lid colour, with Ariel being the overall halo colour and Chiaki on the outer corners. Michiru is on my lower lashline. You can kind of see the greenish sheen to Ariel, but it looks more grey. It's really blendable though.

Minions Inspired Look with Marie, Makoto & Minako

There's a slight sheen to Marie, and Minako ended up plain yellow. They're still nice and bright colours that are perfect for a Minions inspired look though!

Squeezing in as many colours as possible...

I used white eyeliner on my lower lashline to get such a vibrant colour. I struggled with blending Pisces & Triton, so I tried another look with just Pisces & Triton to see if they'll perform better.

The lips is Limnit's Bewitching Hour! Love this colour so much!

Pisces & Triton

Pisces is at the sides and kind of goes muddy. I definitely struggled with these two colours and wasn't happy with how patchy it looked with my eyes closed. I tried my best to make it smooth and this was how much fall out I got while trying to pat the colour on smoothly:

Neon Orange Cut-Crease with Leo, Annie, Chiaki

This was over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy. I think because of the way my eyes crease, I can't seem to replicate the shift I got from my glitter glue swatches.

Sagittarius, Ariel & Ursa Major

As you can see, Ariel & Neptune blends really easily. Unfortunately, when I tried to get a bit of brown on the sides by blending Ursa Major in, I ended up wiping my eyeshadow away and ended up with that bald patch. Luckily it's not too obvious when I open my eyes..the joys of monolids!

Ariel tends to stain, and you can see where I placed the colour based on the stain:

Michiru over Pixie Epoxy with white eyeliner

I wanted to see if I can capture the orange sparkles in Michiru on my eyes, so I used a glitter adhesive. This look looks really patchy, but it's because I used that method where I applied the eyeshadow and blended as needed over primer first, then apply glitter glue in spots where I wanted the glitter to show up. Unfortunately, this makes it look patchy since there's a stark difference between how the colour looks like over a sticky base and over primer.

See You Space Cowboy Over Primer Only

I wanted to show how blendable See You Space Cowboy is. Here, I blended it with Ellen.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Review & Swatches: Darling Girl's Soon-To-Be-Discontinued Colours

Turns out Darling Girl is discontinuing a bunch of shades and I own 2 of them. One of them is also a really awesome colour that needs more attention too! 

So here are swatches:

Glitter Glue macros under natural light
Under natural light:

Aurelia's Fire was a gift with purchase so it's no longer available. It's a plain bronze that's not too exciting colour-wise, but it's really smooth and blendable over primer alone. There's barely any fall out too!

Antiquity is a semi-loose formula and the bare skin swatches failed to show how smoothly it applied over bare skin thanks to a water getting stuck at the edges of my tape. Totally my fault. This is easy to blend and really smooth over primer.

Papercut is awesome for a one-colour look. You can actually see a bit of a shift over primer, and it's more obvious in the swatches under artificial light since I could angle the light right. I end up preferring this colour over primer alone, since the shift is less dramatic, so I get that rust with hints of green that's really pretty and work safe. Over glitter glue, the shift is more dramatic and it looks like you're using a green & brown eyeshadow. Extremely easy to blend too!

Under yellow-toned artificial light: 

So here are some looks I did with them:

Showing off how blendable all 3 colours are:

The blue is from a different brand, I blended Antiquity, Aurelia's Fire & Papercut using a fluffy blush and as you can see, they didn't go streaky at all! Full face:

One-colour look using Papercut:

This is over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy. Yup, this is all Papercut, nothing else. And the shift is visible from afar too, here's the full face:

Papercut & Aurelia's Fire over primer alone

I realized thanks to the eyeliner & Aurelia's Fire blended on top, the green duochrome doesn't show up that well here. It's there though! Full face: