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Monday, March 9, 2015

Review & Swatches: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Auburn

I decided to try out Anastasia Beverly Hills' Dipbrow Pomade in Auburn hoping it'll match my now red hair. 

Dipbrow Pomade Auburn

Dipbrow Pomade Auburn

Texture-wise, this thing is very soft –like softened butter. My brush just sinks in like a hot knife. It's also incredibly pigmented, so I definitely had to make sure I didn't take too much at once. Since I need so little to get the pigmentation I need, the tub will probably last me a year so it's definitely worth it for the $18 price.

Here's the arm swatch, with the bottom half blended out with a mascara brush:

Dipbrow Pomade Auburn

It's definitely a darker than I expected, and more brown than auburn. Maybe I should have gotten Caramel instead. Here's the face swatch with Dipbrow on the left and my natural brows on the right:

Dipbrow Pomade Auburn on Asian skin

If my hair wasn't dyed (I deliberately picked a time when my roots are very obvious so you can see my natural colour), it would be a perfect match. Unfortunately, with my current hair colour, I find it a tad too dark on me.

But here's the awesome part about Dipbrow –it really, really lasts. I decided to put my arm swatch to the test. I left it on for as long as possible, and here's the results:

Dipbrow Pomade Auburn

Yes, even after 8 1/2 hours under a cardigan and getting smudged around while I type away at work, it stayed on relatively well. Even after showering, it didn't really disappear. I sleep with my arms under my pillow and I still couldn't get it off the next day! I was definitely impressed!

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