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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Review & Recommendation: Possets Best Friends Animalics Collection (6 scents)

As you all know, Possets is one of my favourite perfume brands so I had to grab decants of all 6 scents from their Best Friends Animalics Collection from Ajevie. For my previous Possets reviews, you can either click here or on the tag on the right. Thanks to procrastination, turns out this collection got discontinued before I published this. Kinda upset since there was no news from Possets about when this collection would be discontinued, so I assumed I had more time.

So on the reviews! Done blind as always until I finish the entire review up to the TL;DR. I only write an overview if the notes surprise me.


Annie Sue the Puppydog

"A waft of pikaki from Hawaii, and a very small amount of cinnamon to give the blend an unexpected lift."

Initially I got cinnamon bread and a blue-green scent, but after 5-10 min, it smells like a cinnamon candy with a blue base underneath. It's an odd warm & cool combination, which leaves my brain confused. 

The blue bit is definitely a room spray blue, but the cinnamon part is definitely candy. It's like someone accidentally sprayed a blue sort of room spray on a bowl of Red Hots cinnamon candy.

TL;DR: Blue room spray sprayed on a bowl of Red Hots cinnamon candy.

Overview: I had to google what pikaki was, and apparently it's also spelled as pikake. It's a species of jasmines and in Indonesia, it's called melati putih. I tried looking out for the jasmines and I think I can sniff bits of it, but it's definitely drowned out by the blue and Red Hots cinnamon candy bits.


Conner the Conure Parrot

"Conner's blend is a very happy one: spice cake pumpkin, thick marshmallow treats, and a secret ingredient which Connor whispered in our ear (yes, it is wicked indeed)."

This smells like sweet red bean paste & cincau, which makes me think of Asian shaved ice desserts, which typically has both ingredients.
The black stuff is cincau, the red beans are well, red beans.
Image courtesy of

If you haven't tried cincau before, it basically has a bit of a watery herbal scent to it that's very mild and just a tad bitter. I'm not sure how I feel about this particular dessert as a perfume. 

The cincau smell fades over time, and after 10 min, the scent smells more like burnt red bean paste.

TL;DR: Burnt red bean paste.

Overview: I'm very confused about what the secret ingredient could be. Whatever it is, it turns spiced pumpkin cake & marshmallows into burnt red pean paste.


Jordan the Goat

"Far from wicked, Jordan is a Nubian Wether goat and has a best goat friend, Joseph, whom we are immortalizing in perfume here as well. Jordan is a swirl of ginger, pepper, and musk to commemorate the mischievous parts of goathood, the "randy" parts of goathood, and the piquant parts of goathood."

Oh this is a great unisex scent. It's a peppery, fresh sort of scent, with a unisex, suede-like musk, with hints of lemongrass sort of clean, grassy tartness. The fresh yet heavy combination surprisingly works really well, and it's a scent that makes me think of a hot guy meeting you for drinks, right after he gets a massage with the type of grassy, lemongrass type of massage oils.

Do you guys know that searching for "male model massage" turns up tons of images of male sex toys? Well, you know now.
Image courtesy of

I just love this combination of peppery, fresh cologne and a lemongrass-ish massage oil. It smells great on me and it'll definitely smell great on other women, but I think smelling it on men will really make me swoon.

Around 15-20 min into the scent, the scent takes on a soapy quality to it. I can imagine this as a Molton Brown soap scent.

TL;DR: Hot dude in a suit, right after he got a massage.


Joseph the Goat 

"To reflect his majesty, we have made a lovely pumpkin blend with sparkling modern musk dancing in the background, a shot of caramel and a light dusting of extra Saigon clove."

Something is going wrong in this. There's a burnt plastic coated paper scent in this. There's also a scent of some edible, slightly creamy pumpkin purée, but the burnt smell is so strong and cloying. I wonder what note is going wrong on me. I tried sniffing the bottle to see if it's my skin or my note, and I caught a whiff of a plastic apple scent on the bottle that's teetering between melting plastic and baked apple. I guess my skin chose melting plastic. 

I got more of an apple-ish scent around 15-20 min in, but there's still that off burnt plastic-coated paper sort of scent. I describe the scent as apple-ish because it smells more like the filling of a McDonald's apple pie, which smells delicious enough but not like homemade apple pie. 

Fortunately, it's the apple-ish scent that wafts around, and the burnt plastic-coated paper smell stays close to the skin. In fact, if I throw a cardigan over the spot where I placed the perfume, the only scent I can smell is McDonald's apple pie filling.

TL;DR: McDonald's apple pie filling with a base of burnt plastic-coated paper.

Overview: Still no idea what was turning into that burning smell. I'm not surprised there's no apples in this, because McDonald's apple pie filling doesn't smell like it contains any apples either.


Lester the Black Cat

"His fragrance is a melange of: molasses, a spice blend named bahraht, and a bright bit of earthy patchouli."

Omg. This smells so bitter and herbal. It kinda smells like the part of traditional Chinese medicine shops where they have dried animals like seahorses and bees. Yup. It smells like a dead animal that's been dried out & preserved.

Wait, dried seahorses? Surely you're making it up! NOPE.

You see why a lot of traditional Chinese medicine taste like crap?? It's not just me, amah!
Image courtesy of

TL;DR: Dried out and preserved dead animals.

Overview: I had to look up what the heck bahraht is. I searched around and looks like there's a typo in Fabienne's description and it's supposed to be baharat. According to Wikipedia, this is what baharat's made of:

  • 4 parts black pepper
  • 3 parts coriander seeds
  • 3 parts cinnamon
  • 3 parts cloves
  • 4 parts cumin seeds
  • 1 part cardamom pods
  • 3 parts nutmeg
  • 6 parts paprika

I have no idea what went wrong with this scent. Maybe it's too much of the earthy patchouli.


Ozzie the Conure Parrot

"Strawberry jam and thick dark honey, a bit of pumpkin seed which has been toasted."

I got a whiff of coconut milk chewy candy at first (the Japanese kind), but other fruity scents mixed in together and it smells like a jackfruit milk chewy candy. I still smell hints of coconut if I'm looking for it, but somehow it's the kind of coconut that smells like an Asian (typically Japanese) chewy candy. Here's a pic of the chewy candies I'm talking about:
So addictive and sooo good.
Image courtesy of

I personally love this, but I can see this being too candy for some people.

TL;DR: Jackfruit chewy candy

Overview: I guess strawberry jam mixed with honey & pumpkin seed turns into jackfruits. Not sure what's behind the chewy candy bit, but I'm guessing it's the toasted pumpkin seed.

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