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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Samples Challenge Day 5.

Background: I noticed that lately, my indie eyeshadow samples are not getting enough love, simply because it's easier for me to reach for tubs. So I decided to challenge myself to use them more often. Everyday, I pick 2 eyeshadow samples randomly out of my collection without looking, and I have to use them. I can add other products in, but the 2 colours have to be the main part of the look.

I'm back from Kota Kinabalu!

Today I actually drew great colours! I got Life's Entropy's Turtle-ly Wicked (swatch here) and Backstreets Makeup Co's Animagi (swatch here). I love green & purple combos so I was excited. 

I was in a hurry so I went with my go-to look, which is just lining my eyes with eyeshadow. I made a mistake though. I decided to go with my lazy "erase method" of applying eyeliner, where I slap on the eyeshadow first, then clean it up into a neat line by erasing it with a q-tip dipped in eye make up remover (great for creating ombré liners! Tutorial here).

Unfortunately, I decided to apply Animagi over glitter glue and are the results:

Fuzzy edges :(

As you can see, the edges look like well...tacky glue bits. Turns out, you can't erase glitter glue cleanly into crisp lines. It rubs out into this eraser dust like bits. It's even more obvious with my eyes closed:

Luckily it's not that obvious from afar:

Lips is Dior's gloss #137. 

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