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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Samples Challenge Day 9.

Background: I noticed that lately, my indie eyeshadow samples are not getting enough love, simply because it's easier for me to reach for tubs. So I decided to challenge myself to use them more often. Everyday, I pick 2 eyeshadow samples randomly out of my collection without looking, and I have to use them. I can add other products in, but the 2 colours have to be the main part of the look.

I finally broke my Notoriously Morbid streak! I drew Beauty For The Win's TSWGO (swatches here) & Daisy Bird's April Showers (swatches here).

I know cut creases aren't the most flattering looks for monolids, but these seemed like cut creases sort of colours, so here's the look I ended up with. I did a less severe sort of cut crease, so it's more in between a cut crease and a halo eye (for a monolid cut crease tutorial, you can head here). 

monolid make up cut crease

For this look, I went with primer only. The blue-ish sheen to April Showers is not a colour balance error, the shade actually does have that blue-ish sheen in real life. 

monolid make up
Monolid woes...half my lashes get burried under my lids and this happens.
 Full face photo!
monolid cut crease

The lip colour is actually the result of me not being able to decide what lip colour to wear. I kept trying on different colours and then realized the stain left on my lips looked good, so I rolled with it.

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