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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Samples Challenge Day 3.

Background: I noticed that lately, my indie eyeshadow samples are not getting enough love, simply because it's easier for me to reach for tubs. So I decided to challenge myself to use them more often. Everyday, I pick 2 eyeshadow samples randomly out of my collection without looking, and I have to use them. I can add other products in, but the 2 colours have to be the main part of the look.

Day 3 and I picked awesome shades today! Blanche Neige's Love of a Prince (swatch here) and Blackbird's Thirteen (swatch here). Brown and pink. This should be easy....

Here's the look I came up with...

Wait..isn't Thirteen supposed to be brown? Well, this is what happened:

As you can see, there's a very unblended patch. I decided to use glitter glue to bring out the shimmer in Love of a Prince and blending out the edge of glitter glue is freaking impossible. I tried my best but ended up turning Thirteen purple. This is why I'm not a fan of doing swatches over glitter glue only. Glitter glue is not the easiest to work with and it's unreasonable to expect people to only use the eyeshadow over glitter glue.

Look at this sad patch:

I'm so glad I have monolids so it's not too obvious. Here's the full face:

The lip colour is Fyrinnae's lip lustre in Ominous!

The patch is not so bad from afar.

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