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Friday, June 6, 2014

Swatches & Reviews of Hello Waffle Tinted Lip Balms + Bonus B&A

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Remember I mentioned I wanted to see how Hello Waffle's golden pinks would look as a blush? Turns out they're awesome. Here's my Hello Waffle B&A:

Hello Waffle B&A..I think it's glaringly obvious which one's the before pic..

Products Used:

  • Make Up Store Face Serum
  • Biore Perfect Face Milk 
  • Dior Hydralife BB Cream
  • Make Up Store Cover All
  • Hello Waffle (Mendelssohn) (yes, I still had to google the spelling T.T)
    • Tip: Use a damp brush or the shadow fly away too much
    • The blush actually looks more pink IRL. It's just so highlighting that it catches a lot of light, and the colour "glows" instead of showing up in the picture.
  • Tarte Park Ave Princess
  • Hello Waffle tinted lip balms (the one in that pic is Ginger Kitties + Cotton Candy)
  • Hello Waffle 
    • Fey: all over lids
    • Locked Doors: shading on upper lids
    • Magic Mirror: on lower lash line
    • Wastelands: used with a wet brush as a liner
  • Paperself paper lashes
  • Random cheap lashes

Now, as promised...lip balm swatches and reviews.

Hello Waffle Tinted Lip Balm Review

These are so pigmented. Better than lipstick kind of pigmented. I did notice they have a bit of a grainy texture that people mentioned before, but it's a very fine sand sort of graininess. Like fine microdermabrating sand sort of graininess, not gritty pebbles sort of graininess. Texture-wise, I notice all 3 had slightly different texture.

Cotton Candy was the oiliest and that makes the colour "slide" around a bit. Maraschino is the thickest and had my favourite texture -it's like a jelly lipstick. It was initially hard to "break" it, but it's not a dry ground sort of hardness. Closest analogy is like trying to poke konyaku jelly, and there's some bouncy resistance before you puncture the jelly. I love, love, love the texture. Hello Waffle should totally market it as moisturizing jelly lipsticks! Ginger Kitties is in between the two.

Since they're so moisturizing, the colour does get a bit streaky during application (not so much for Maraschino, definitely for Cotton Candy), but I just pat them down with my finger and it's all good.

They're peppermint scented so they taste great on your lips!

Someone asked me how long they last, and whether or not they stain your lips. Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of constantly licking my lips and snacking all the time, so I'm not sure about how long they last. But yes, they do stain! Look!

It's not from finger painting


Completely Bare Face

Cotton Candy
Ginger Kitties

 Cotton Candy + Maraschino

Ginger Kitties + Maraschino

Ginger Kitties + Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy + Maraschino + Ginger Kitties

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