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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Review & Recommendation: Dawn Eyes's Kate Colours

When I saw /u/Coal_XY's post about Dawn Eyes offering customized eyeshadows to raise money for her sister's surgery, I couldn't resist and had to break my cosmetics no-buy. 

I decided I wanted to create a coloured named Kartini, named after an Indonesian feminist I admire. She was an early champion of education for women. How early? 19th century! She came from a Javanese aristocratic family, but instead of choosing a pampered life, she educated herself and fought to ensure ordinary women had the same access to education that she did. Her letters to her Dutch friend changed the way Javanese women were viewed for the better, and inspired many prominent Indonesian independence fighters. 

Oh and she was a failed vegetarian. She did it for years and fell off the wagon (maybe she didn't, but her letters on this subject stated that she was ready to quit because she lacked the strength to continue). For some reason, this little titbit makes me like her more. Maybe it's because I'm a fellow failed vegetarian.

One thing I'm proud of my country for is that our founding father, Sukarno, dedicated a special day for her to recognize her contributions to women's rights in Indonesia. He did this in 1964. Kartini Day falls every April 21st. For more information about Kartini, her Wiki page is here.

For this colour, I wanted a pink with a gold shift. Something that seems traditionally feminine but also contains a captivating richness. It just seems to embody Kartini, the woman who is an early feminist, a dutiful daughter, and a wife who could hold her own against her husband, all at once. 

This was the colour Dawn created:

The label is waterproof! And this has a clear cap so you can see the colours easily!
Left is under warm, artificial light that brings out the gold.
Right is under natural light, and the colour looks more pink.

The entire creation process was definitely fun, and I love talking to Dawn. I ended up sending her some coffee and snacks from Indonesia since I really wanted to give her a taste of Indonesia, and she insisted on waving my international shipping cost. I first contacted her May 19 and she had a potential colour out by May 23. She even sent me a video of the colours under various different lightings so I can get a good view of what my colour would look like. I fell in love straight away.

Here's a gif of part of the video she made:

When my order finally came, I got a little surprise!

Yay! Freebies!
She gave me free samples of other Kate's Colors! 

Here are the swatches! Left under artificial, warm light, and right under natural light.

This colour is gorgeous. It looked brown at first, but shifts to purple depending on the angle & light. It's gorgeous!

It's hard to describe this colour. It looks like really dark grey, but has gold and pink flecks to it, making it look brown-ish purple from certain angles/light.

Eyeshadow Reviews

Packaging-wise these may not have pretty artwork, but they are definitely top notch quality. I love that the labels are waterproofed, since I've ruined so many pretty labels already. The shadows come with a sealed sifter seal and I definitely appreciate that. For those of you who like being able to see the colours easily, these tubs are completely clear, including the lid. 

I have to say, I'm  incredibly impressed with these shadows. A lot of them are ok on their own. As in they're still vibrant and adhere to my bare skin, without any primers. All these colours are pretty glittery (I guess everyone wanted sparkly shades for customization XD), but they're also gorgeous even without glitter glue...just slightly less glittery. Some shades even look a bit too glittery with glitter glue. 

I'll definitely recommend these colours for people who are just getting into loose powder shadows and may not have much experience with using them. 

Here's a quick look I did, using only UD primer potion:

See how it's still pretty glittery?? Using Kartini & Friendship. Kartini is on the bottom lid, WITHOUT any primer! It's on bare skin!
Full face!

Product List:

  • Biore Perfect Face Milk
  • Dior Hydralife BB Cream (Luminous Beige)
  • Make Up Store Cover All

  • Hello Waffle Tinted Lip Balm (Maraschino mixed with Ginger Kitties)

  • Dawn Eyes (Kartini, Friendship)
  • Clio Kill Blood eyeliner
  • Maybeline The Colossal mascara
  • Fiberwig mascara

Hope you guys would support her sale! These are really pretty colours!

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