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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Review: Bubble & Geek Perfumes & Lip Balm

I recently put an order for Bubble & Geek's perfume samples and lip balm since I often see them on reddit's market place. I got the lip balm in Pumpkin Pasties and the samples in the following scents:

  • Blueberry ROFL Waffles
  • Butterbeer 
  • Chu Jelly
  • Conjured Bread
  • Hobbit Garden
  • King in the North
  • Princess Peaches and Cream
  • River's Kiss
  • Sweet Roll
  • Zombie Repellant
The haul!
Cathy responds to your messages in less than a day, and the TAT's awesome:

Ordered: May 20
Shipped: May 21

One minor thing I didn't like about the packaging of these perfume samples are the fact that the labels are only placed on the relatively large ziplock bags. The label are also too big for me to peel off and wrap around the bottles myself. As a result, I have to keep all the samples within their bags and they end up taking more space in my perfume storage.

Price Review

Lip Balms: $4

The perfumes are definitely cheap!

9ml rollerball: $8
Samples: $9 for 5 scents

Lip Balm Review

The packaging!

Top view to show the oval shape. I love oval shaped lip balms! No idea why.
These melt on your lips and goes on creamy. Definitely moisturizing! Unfortunately, I'm not really smelling anything. I get a whiff of pumpkin pie very briefly when I open it, but when I apply it, I just taste a stevia sweetness and can't get any other fragrance, except for a slight plasticky taste. If you told me it's an unscented lip balm, I would've believed you. Maybe I should've gotten another flavour :(

Perfume Oil Review

These scents definitely has longevity, with some scents lasting almost 12h on my skin. They don't have much of a throw though, and you'll definitely need to smell close to the skin to get a whiff after about 5-15 minutes. They also shift scents really fast, so I had to constantly sniff.

As a fellow nerd, I really love the idea of these perfumes, but unfortunately, there's something in them that doesn't agree with me. As I found out from my previous experience with Lou Lou's, my skin amps up certain sugar notes, and I guess Bubble & Geek uses the same type. A lot of these scents end up smelling really sweet on me. Their vanilla note also doesn't seem to agree with me, and end up smelling sour on me. Skin chemistry is weird :(

A lot of the scents I like also starts smelling like room spray, and I was wondering if they were maybe meant for candles instead of people. I know I see raves about her candles everywhere. I wanted to try them, but they're heavy so international shipping rates go crazy.

Blueberry ROFL Waffles

"Blueberry waffles with syrup"

This was the 7th scent I tried and by now, I realize Bubble & Geek's gourmand scents often disagrees with me. Even as I opened the bottle, I already smell a very strong, sweet blueberry syrup scent. It's one of those watery blueberry syrup that's all sugar and scented with a blueberry scent that smells a bit like balloons to me. This can't be good. Sure enough, my skin went crazy and amped up the sugar even more. Underneath, there's a tangy fruity scent that reminds me of their Chu Jelly fragrance, but it's just drowned in sugar. In less than 10 minutes, the blueberry scent morphed to bitter, herbal smell, with a bit of a metallic smell. It smells like you're drinking a traditional Chinese medicine, and you know that the drink will taste like mud, so you've tried drowning it in pancake syrup but you still smell the medicine under the overpoweringly sweet, syrup scent. And you're drinking this concoction out of an old, metal cup. The metal part is actually my favourite part of this scent.

Post-description reaction: Well, I was expecting blueberry waffles so I was definitely looking out for the blueberry scent. Not sure why their blueberry note went to crazy on me. And I really need to figure out what is causing that faintly metallic "aftersmell". I get it from a lot of gourmand scents, especially HoG's bath products. I like the scent, so I really need to figure out what it is.


"Vanilla and butterscotch"

Initially this smells delicious! Like buttered popcorn and freshly baked bread. Unfortunately, my skin chemistry didn't react well to this scent. Soon, it started smelling like caramel popcorn with a hint of something game-y before the caramel turned increasingly sour and a curdled milk smell enters. It settled into a baby milk powder scent, with a very pungent, artificial milk scent.

Post-description reaction: I think it's the vanilla that doesn't agree with me :(

Chu Jelly

"Intensely fruity, exotic fragrance smells of dragon fruit and sweet, fresh oranges. A hint of plumeria and a trace of white driftwood add depth."

Remember those fruit jellies in a cup we had as a kid?
These! So nostalgic!
Image courtesy of Coconuts Singapore

Smells exactly like that! I love this! When it dries down there's a hint of a fruity soapy scent, that reminds me of a bubble bath scent I had as a kid. This one's delicious! But definitely a sweet, candy-ish scent, so if you're not a fan of sweet, candy scents, you may want to avoid this. Later on, it smells like a fruit jelly-scented bubble bath, which smells awesome, but I know some people may still not like it.

Post-description reaction: I don't smell dragon fruit, actually, and I often eat dragon fruit. Weird. I didn't get driftwood either. This scent just comes off as light, and playful, bringing back lots of childhood memories. Wonder what causes the soap smell?

Conjured Bread

"Fresh Baked Bread"

It initially smells like almond croissont stuffed with custard. All buttery with almonds and custard. So delicious! But in less than 5 minutes, my skin chemistry had a bad reaction and the sour, curdled milk scent comes back. It dries down into a slightly curdled, artificial milk scent. 

Post-description reaction: I bet there's vanilla in this T.T

Hobbit Garden

"English ivy, oak moss, fruits, and a hint of garden mint"

This starts of as a sweet floral with a hint of fruity tartness. It then becomes a sweet, cool, floral scent with the smell of apples or pears in the background. Definitely a very light, fresh scent. It starts smelling a bit like room spray though, so I don't think it suits me. It'll definitely be great in a candle.

Post-description reaction: I wonder if this is a scent formulated for a candle. It smells great for sure, but I would prefer it in my room instead of me. This will also be a really great linen spray. I definitely want my pillows to smell like this!

King of the North

"Weirwood forest, lavender, cardamom, oakmoss, frosty mint, and vanilla"

I thought this was a sexy scent at first, until I realized it kinda smells like a soapy version my dad's colognes and got creeped out. He always gets these kind of scents (without the soapiness) -very blue, slightly musky with a hint of citrus. Doesn't matter if it's Davidoff, Bvlgari, Armani, Gucci, or whatever, he always gets similar scents. Never letting my bf wear this because I'll just keep thinking of my dad. Ew.

In all seriousness, this is like the soap version of cologne. If your dad doesn't smell like this, it's a great gift for your boyfriend.

Post-description reaction: There's vanilla in this? I wonder if the citrus smell I got was actually the vanilla turning sour on me. I'm not sure what note in the scent makes this smell very soapy though. I'm comparing the notes with Chu Jelly & Zombie Repellent, and can't find anything in common.

Princess Peaches & Cream

"Peaches & Cream"

I don't know why this smells initially smells like melted plastic on me. There's a hint of peaches, but it smells like a peach-flavoured bubblegum that melted in the sun. The plastic smell mellowed out after about 15 min, but the cream scent ended up smelling slightly like sunblock on me. This now smells like peach-scented sunblock.

Post-description reaction: At least it didn't turn sour!

River's Kiss

"Berries, tempting blooms, sensual incense and night musk"

There's a scent that reminds me of starfruit syrup (popular in Indonesia) & mango flavoured candy. But again, my skin just goes crazy with the sweetness and this ends up being a very sugary scent. The smell started smelling like an overly sweet and heavy car perfume my parents once had and it started giving me a headache. I guess this isn't for me.

Post-description reaction: Maybe the musk is what made this scent smell so heavy and gives me a headache. I definitely got overwhelmed by pure candy sweetness.

Sweet Roll

"Warm, toasted sweet bread blended with spices (cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg). Topped with luscious vanilla frosting."

I was already dreading this after my experience with Conjured Bread and Butterbeer. Their bread-ish scents don't seem to agree with me. I smell delicious cinnamon, but underneath that, there's a cloying curdled milk smell. The cinnamon does its best to tone down the cloying, curdled milk smell, and it does take off some of the sourness, but it ends up just smelling like a cloyingly milky, soggy cereal. It's a smell that makes me think of baby gruel. As in food for babies..not babies turned into gruel. Thought I should clarify before I sound insane.

Post-description reaction: Curse you vanilla!

Image courtesy of

Zombie Repellant

"Sunflowers, greenery"

It initially smells very green, with a hint of something dirty and sour that reminds me of orchid farms. The dirty smell disappeared fast, and it becomes a plain soapy green & floral scent. I think this scent would be better as a candle or soap. 

Post-description reaction: I definitely smell the greenery. Like Hobbit Garden, it's an awesome scent, but I wonder if it's meant for candles instead. It's definitely a scent I rather have in my home but not on me.

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