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Monday, June 9, 2014

Review: 7 Scents from Lou Lou's Soaps, Scrubs, & Scents

My order from Lou Lou's Soaps, Scrubs, & Scents arrived last Wednesday, but I didn't get to try them for a while since, by some awesome luck, tons of my orders arrived on the same day! If you want to check them out, they're still having a 15% off sale with the code: 15OFFSALE.
The haul!

Look at how she wraps them up! So cute!

I ordered 2 sets of 5/8 Dram Bottles for $20 (+ $13 for shipping) in the following scents:

  • Spiced Pear Cake
  • Bunny
  • Leather Whipped Fruits 1st Edition
  • Cake & Cassia
  • Princesses & Playtime
  • Egyptian Apples
  • Green Chamomile
  • Good Morning
  • Holiday Mulled Cider
  • Fozter

Evelyn (the owner) is extremely generous and gave me the following freebies:

5/8 Dram Samples in:

  • Cricket
  • Sammy
  • Haley's Blend
  • Sweet Darkness

Solid Perfume in:
  • Princesses & Playtime

No, I didn't buy it during a sale/special offer period. Evelyn's just that generous!

Customer Service Review

Evelyn is extremely sweet and quick to respond, I definitely love her customer service. The TAT is good:

Ordered: May 20
Shipped: May 22
Arrived: June 4

And she definitely makes sure your perfume arrives to you safe & secure!
Nothing's getting out of that!

Definitely a customer service rave!

Pricing Review

This is definitely one of the cheaper perfume oils I've gotten, so if you're on a budget, it's great. These are the prices:
1 Dram Bottle: $4.50
5/8 Dram Bottles x 5: $10

Perfume Oil Review

These perfumes definitely have a really far throw. You can definitely smell it from two-strangers-standing-apart-in-an-elevator distance. Unfortunately, these perfumes are very short lived on my skin, and the short life of these oils is the reason I could finish my review so quickly. They stop wafting around in less than half an hour, though you can smell it on your skin for about 1-2h, with only a few notes remaining (so the smell is barely recognizable) on your skin for around 3-6h. The short life of these scents may be why these scents morph a lot really fast -I had to keep sniffing to make sure I didn't miss anything before they dried down and faded.

Also, I'm not sure if it's because of the humid, tropical weather here, but these scents are very "in your face". While the perfume oils I've tried so far tend to be a deep and steady sort of experience, these are airy and hits your nose hard and sharp, going straight to your head. It's similar to my experience with Fortune Cookie Soap's Soap Box products or Victoria Secret's body sprays.

A lot of these scents are extremely sweet, so if you're not a fan of sweet scents, or your skin amps up sugary scents like mine, be careful about that. I personally found them too sweet for me to wear as a perfume, especially since my skin loves amping up sugary scents. Almost all the scents I have ended up having a very sharp, sweet scent. For some reason, even the scents that are supposed to be creamier ends up with a sharp sweetness instead of a creamy sweetness. Really sad about that since I really like this store!

I can see them smelling great in a bar of soap though. I noticed this in HoG's products too. All the bath products I've tried (with the exception of Ruth) smells amazing on me, but none of their perfume oils worked on me. I may have to try Lou Lou's bath & body stuff next time..when I have more money to afford crazy international shipping prices.

I tested these scents over 4 days and had to take 1 day breaks in between mostly because the strong sweetness was giving me a headache. I'm going to take a longer break before reviewing the other half.


"Some of the notes in Cricket are club soda, gin, tobacco, white peach, starfruit, mango, citrus, honeydew, vanilla sugar, whipped cream, peppermint, cashmere musk, white musk, oak wood, and oakmoss"

At first, this reminded me of an massage oil they usually use in Indonesia, that has some lemongrass in it. It then morphs into a very strong musky, icy blue, powdery and bitter smell that doesn't agree with me. It sort of smells like the traditional Chinese oil my grandma would rub on my stomach/temples when I wasn't feeling well as a kid. It even has the same icy smell that's supposed to help clear my sinuses! In a way, it makes me nostalgic and miss my grandma, but it's not exactly how I want to smell while going out (unless I want to fake being sick).

Post-description reaction: I do not smell anything fruity in this. There's that really sugary scent that most of these perfumes have on me. But I still don't smell anything fruity.

Egyptian Apples

"Red apples, green apples, honey, chocolate, cocoa butter, and Egyptian musk"

I smell some apples, but it's immediately overwhelmed by a very sharp, sweet caramel scent. It dries down to the smell of extremely sweet, sharp, burnt caramel.

Post-description reaction: Trying to smell all those notes now, but I mostly just get burnt caramel. Kinda sad since I was so excited for this. I tested this twice just to make sure I didn't make a mistake. Still burnt caramel.


"Fozter is a blend of irish cream, white tea, yuzu, mimosa flower, aquatic florals, fresh air, sea salt, vanilla, lime, white woods, and musk"

On initial application, this smells exactly like a cream soda. Then it starts smelling like creamy sprite for about 10 minutes before it morphs to a purely sweet smell. It's a very airy, sugary sweetness that hits you in the head so if you're not a fan of pure sugar, you may not like this scent. The scent disappears fast in less than half an hour, and just leaves behind the same sweet, metallic smell that most of HoG's products leave on me. I wonder if my skin just likes producing that sweet, metallic smell after contact with any creamy gourmand scents.

Post-description reaction: did this end up smelling like a very sweet gourmand scent? Where are the florals? Tried this twice and yes..still very sweet. Maybe the florals got drowned in the sweetness.

Haley's Blend

"This blend contains an Apple Accord I created along with Leather, Black Tea, and Vanilla Cake."

For some reason, there's a bit of a bitter Baygon (popular Indonesian brand of insecticide, similar scent to Alkemia's Prairie 66) smell in this, muddled with the scent of extremely sweet barley. The bitterness disappears fast and becomes a very sweet Baygon smell, before drying down to a very sweet, powdery blue scent with a hint of barley.

Post-description reaction: I definitely did not expect this scent to be so sweet and powdery. From the description, I would expect this scent to be a bit more dark, deep and smokey. Weird.

Holiday Mulled Cider

"A hot mug of apple cider with nutmeg, cinnamon, sweet oranges, and slices of red apples."

For some reason, it just smells like a very sweet rootbeer mixed with cinnamon and cloves to me. It's a very, very sweet scent as well. After about 5 min, the sweetness died down to leave just a slightly bitter scent of cinnamon. 20 min later, the sweet smell is back. It dries down to a scent that's mostly of sugar & holiday spices.

Post-description reaction: Huh...I definitely did not smell the apple in this. Or maybe there was apple, but it was overwhelmed by the nutmeg & cinnamon.

Leather Whipped Fruits 1st Edition

"Leather Whipped Fruits 1st Edition is a blend of saddle leather, raspberry, vanilla, sugar, red apple, strawberry, cucumber, and cantaloupe"

It's a sweet, fruity smell, but I can't seem to place what fruits exactly. It smells like a tutti frutti bublegum. I can barely smell the leather, and the scent they use is different from the leather scents I'm used to though -it somehow smells rather airy and hollow, and I'm not sure why. This scent ends up smelling like a tutti frutti bubble gum on a new, plastic chair.

Post-description reaction: I'm not sure if I imagine smelling the leather because I know it's supposed to have leather. This ends up smelling more like a candy scent to me.


"Sammy is a blend of peppermint, citrus fruits, bergamot, peppercorns, wood, leather, lemongrass, musk, and light florals."

This just smells like Indonesian sweet chilli sauce on me. It's a freshly made, homemade chilli sauce for sure..but not what I want to smell like. Again, this dries down to be mostly overwhelmingly sweet, with the smell of the sweet chilli sauce in the background.

Post-description reaction: I guess it's all the peppercorn. This may be a note I should avoid.

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