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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Review: Hello Waffle Swatches + Customer Service Rave

Now I'm on a no-buy pledge for make up since I pretty much have unlimited amounts of make up. But if you've lurked long enough on /r/Indiemakeupandmore/, I'm sure you've encountered the owner of Hello Waffles and seen many examples of how sweet she is. From constantly upgrading orders to often helping to promote other brands through doing FOTDs or swatches, Christine is seriously the classiest, sweetest person ever. Obviously, I have to support her.

When I heard a flash sale was happening, I decided it's time to break my no-buy rule and support her. So I ordered a Blogger Pack, but messaged her to replace the full size tubs with samples so I can swatch even more stuff for her. This is what the blogger pack gets you:

- 1 Full size lip balm of your choice  
- 2 Full size eyeshadows of your choice  
- 2 Sample size lip balms of your choice  
- 10 Sample eyeshadows of your choice  

Can you guess what happened?

Holy crap. Oh my gods.


That's right.

Christine upgraded my order and I got:

- 1 Full size lip balm 

- 3 Full size eyeshadows   
- 2 Sample size lip balms  
- 21 Sample eyeshadows 

I was just in shock staring at what I got. Then I read her message:

That's...not what I meant at all..

Transcript for easier reading:

What I wrote:
"I messaged you on fb and reddit. I'm still on a no-buy, so I'll feel better if you just replace the full sized tubs with samples so I have more to swatch & review. I'll feel like i'm not breaking my no buy rule that way :P I just want one of the lip balm so I have a pretty tube to photograph. Since Moss is out, I don't care which colour you pick, they're all equally tempting! Thanks again for making arrangements for me for the flash sale!"
Christine's reply:
Hey Francesca!! Thank you for your order :) As you asked, I added about 10 extra eyeshadow samples for you :D Happy Swatching ;)! I hope you enjoy everything.

This is the nicest evil deed ever. I'm completely in shock. She's way too nice! Oh my gods, I hope she didn't make a loss on my order. Oh wow. 

Check out the packaging guys, they're so pretty!

I personally prefer the old logo, even though the new one's pretty too.
That's right! Safety seals!

By the way, these labels are not waterproof so don't be an idiot like me. I got water on them and ruined all the prettiness T.T

I was planning to do more thorough swatches of each colour, but this stuff is so amazing, I had to do a quick & dirty swatch immediately this morning. I even had a hard time sleeping because the colours are so freaking pretty! Check them out! Left is under artificial light, right is under natural light. Both swatched over Darling Girl's Glitter Glue.

Check out the shift in Chopin! And Schubert! Wowwwww....

Ethereal voice is really ethereal. It's a super sparkly dusky purple/rose with golden sparkles. MAGIC.

Every colour is really magical. I actually couldn't sleep after I saw Magic Mirror and just had to try it out at 1am in the morning because I couldn't resist. 
Btw, it's really embarrassing how many times I misspelled Mendelssohn..
Eat Me is just amazing. Look at the pink shift! Mendelssohn is also another beautiful colour. I think I want to try using it as a very highlighting blush. Hmm...I think Eat Me may work as a highlighter too...I'll try it out and get back to you guys.

Pool of Tears make me want to cry pools of tears of joy. So pretty! Look at how it shifts! Envy is also another mesmerizing colour. I want to yell, "Envy ME! My lids are like sparkly emeralds! EMERALDS!!!" when I wear it.

Hello Waffle's golds are amazing. They're truly gorgeous and unfortunately, my pale, yellow-toned Asian skin just doesn't show it off well enough. I think these colours (Fey & Golden Stairs especially) would look so amazing against darker skinned girls. Makes me wish I have the time and ability to tan!

DISCLAIMER: I cannot properly capture how gorgeous these colours are. If you think these look pretty, they're even prettier IRL. I kept going, "Woowww....." so many times. 

Here's the lip balm swatches:

Are you sure they're not lipstick? Because they're extremely pigmented!
They taste like peppermint! And the colours are so strong, they're like more moisturizing lipstick. I'm not sure why they're not sold as ultra-rich, super-moisturizing, ohmygawds awesome lipsticks.

By the way, when I was checking the blogger pack again just to make sure I didn't misunderstand what I was supposed to be getting, I saw something sad:

Whoever you scammers are, shame on you. Christine is the nicest person in the world so you better feel bad!


  1. Ugh. She is so nice and makes such pretty things. T.T I want all the things.

    1. She's really awesome. At first I thought I should be nice and give one of my tubs to my friend. Nope. They're all mine now!