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Friday, June 13, 2014

Swatches: Hello Waffles (23 + 1 colour)

I feel so bad to Christine but it turns out that it takes me longer than expected to do swatches, so I'm only done now >.< (took me 8 days, including a break when I ran out of tape)

I did a quick swatch of all the colours and wrote a review before, but I haven't had time to do a more detailed swatch until now. So here's the 23 + 1 colours! Why +1? Well...I can't find my sample of Sloth and I'm really sad about it. I think it may have dropped on the floor, and anything on the floor is immediately claimed by my sister's dogs. You'll never see it again. All I have of it is my old swatch over glitter glue only. RIP Sloth. May you have your revenge by giving the dogs glittery poo. 

For these swatches, I swatched over:

  • Bare skin
  • Bare skin with a wet brush
  • Darling Girl's Glitter Glue
  • NYX HD Eye Primer or Urban Decay Primer Potion (I was using UDPP until I realized how much I was using, so I switched to a cheaper alternative. UDPP doesn't sell in Indonesia, so it's very precious to me)
  • Over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Milk & Slate
2 big things I learnt after doing these brushes:

1. Do oil cleansing. NYX Milk & Slate are pretty tough to get rid off, even after I used a very harsh handsoap & my facial soap. Meanwhile, my oil cleanser removes everything so cleanly and gently, even when my skin got stained. Now I'm sold. My foam cleanser isn't clean enough for my face, I need an oil cleanser.  

2. UDPP is much better than NYX's HD Eye Primer. NYX's primer darkens a lot of colours, and dulls the sparkle too. I also ended up with stains on my skin with a lot of the dark colours while using NYX. I didn't have the staining problem with UDPP, and the colours are a bit sparklier (not as sparkly as glitter glue though).

I just woke up and my skin was still crumpled..

More sparkly IRL! You can see some of the blue glitter glimmering in this pic, but IRL, there's billions of these blue sparks. You feel like you have sparkling gems on your eyes!
Very sparkly IRL, and you gan see green & blue glitter! Looks prettiest when applied with a wet brush.
Pool of Tears
IRL, this is very sparkly and you can see the blue-green glitter! I used the NYX primer for this and it darkened the colour.

The shift is much stronger IRL. You really see the blue pop against the purple!

Rule 42
So glittery IRL. It looks like fresh asphalt glimmering in the sun. Sorry about the patchy glitter glue swatch, I got impatient and swatched too fast.
The shift is stronger IRL. It's like mauve with a greenish shift. 
Magic Mirror
So glittery. It's like you're looking into a million little mirrors. Gorgeous colour! 

Eat Me
It's a much stronger shift IRL. It looks kinda pink here, but IRL, it's more white, with a pink highlight.
Animate Chesspiece
It's not showing up here, but IRL, it's a purple-ish pink.

The golden highlights is more obvious IRL. This colour looks amazing as a highlighting blush.


NYX Milk seem to darken this colour for some reason. IRL, the colour actually looks prettiest applied on bare skin. 
Ethereal Voice
More sparkly and gorgeous IRL. It looks a bit brown-ish in the picture but IRL, it's a dark, purplish-pink with golden glitter everywhere. Such a mesmerizing colour!
This is a more red version of Bach.
This is just so beautiful! It's brown with a copper shift. In the picture, it just looks like a red-ish brown but IRL, it looks like a dark brown that shifts to red at certain angles!

Locked Doors


This is just sooo pretty IRL. It looks a bit orane-ish here, but IRL, it's more pink with a strong, golden shift.

Golden Stairs
Shows up as very metallic, especially when applied wet IRL. I like it best applied wet.

The colour looks like a plain peach here, but it looks peach with a golden shift IRL. 
Unfortunately, all I have of Sloth is this swatch over glitter glue :(


In case you're curious, texture wise, these eyeshadows are great. Very smooth and non-streaky application. You do need to either apply them wet or apply them over something. Most colours don't stick well on your bare skin or go bald glitter-wise if you apply it alone. There is a bit of a flyaway problem like a lot of loose powder shadows, but it's not as bad as Darling Girl's eyeshadows where I'd get a glitter rain down my face while applying. I still love the DG's shades I got though. I just stick tissues on my face burqa-style to shield myself from the glitter bomb while applying them. 

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