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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Depotting My Solid Perfumes Into Perfume Lockets

Recently I discovered one of my old necklaces is a perfume locket!

I got this when I was a teen. Totally forgot about it!

So I decided to see if I can put one of my solid perfumes in it. First thing I did was disinfect everything.
I love disinfecting stuff...

Then I put some solid perfume on a spoon:
At this point, I realized that I should probably not start with my favourite solid perfume (Midsummer Dreams Apothecary's Snow White), but it's too late already.

Melted it over a candle:
This entire process took 2 minutes, but I sped it up.
Poured it in:

Used too little..but I didn't want to try more in case I screwed up.
Since the little bubble was too small, it kept sliding around. I smushed it in.

Anyway, I got another scent locket. Alkemia tossed it into my order since I spent a bit too much there.

Since there's holes in it, I thought I should try a perfume without much of a throw so I don't end up perfume bombing people around me. I chose Brazen's Cranberry Cocktail solid perfume, which has a very weak throw.

Repeated the same steps:

More time lapse!


This is when it's just poured.

All solid!

So the important questions:

Did you ruin the solid perfumes?

Yes and no. The solid perfumes became much more solid. Almost like candle wax. It's not too bad for MDA's perfume, but it really made me sad for Brazen's perfume since I really loved the initial texture. The scent still remained the same though!

For the 2nd locket, do you smell like a walking Cranberry Cocktail?

Nope :(

As I mentioned in my previous review, Brazen's solid perfume has a very, very short throw. My HoG pumpkin butter has more of a scent than them. I tried sniffing the locket and unfortunately, that brassy, cheap metal smell from the locket is stronger than the solid perfume's smell. I still smell a bit of Cranberry Cocktail, but it's in the background.

Where can I buy those lockets?

No idea for the first one since I got it as a present over a decade ago. As for the 2nd one, I found out you can easily get it from

Unfortunately, if you search "perfume locket" or "scent locket" on Etsy, you'll notice a lot of sellers selling these. I started searching both sites for lockets and found out there's a lot of unethical sellers selling made in China lockets for jacked up prices. Sometimes, even falsely claiming that they're "vintage"! Be very careful guys. There are tons of legit sellers, but a number of fake ones too.

Any reviews for the two perfumes you mentioned?

Review for MDA's Snow White is here.
Review for Brazen's Cranberry Cocktail is here.

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  1. Aaah, this is such a great DIY idea. I've been looking at some perfume lockets only to find them super expensive! I think I have a ring that opens up. I might try this myself. :D