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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Review: Brazen Fierce + Flawless & lip gloss swatches

My Brazen order arrived just yesterday, and I haven't had time to review the perfumes yet. The order came with a few samples though, including the Grown-Ass woman lip gloss that's currently part of the Out Loud collection that's 50% off. Thought I should give swatches to help anyone making up their minds.

Samples of Fierce + Flawless: Primrose Glow, and lip glosses in Grown-Ass Woman and Two Faced

Here are the swatches of Fierce + Flawless: Primrose Glow, and the lip glosses in Grown-Ass Woman and Two Faced. Left is under artificial light to show the shift, right is under natural light. Fierce + Flawless: Primrose Glow is swatched over bare skin on the left half, and Make Up Store's Face Serum primer on the right.

Left: Artificial light to show shift
Right: Natural light
In real life, I can't really see Primrose Glow either, so you're not imagining it

It's kinda hard to really see how pretty these colours are on arm swatches, so here are lip swatches. First, bare lips for comparison:

 Grown-Ass Woman

Apt name for the gloss..I really feel grown-ass in this killer colour
I loooovee this colour! It's a purple-toned berry colour with a blue shift! This is a pretty opaque colour on me, but maybe because it stains my lips. This colour is so pretty, it might be worth getting the collection just for this!

Two Faced

I want to try this over black lipstick.
This is a sheer opacity gloss with a pink & blue shift. Great colour to layer over any lipstick to turn it duochrome. 

Lip Gloss Review

They're pretty sticky so that's one thing to take note. But the consistency is very smooth & the pigmentation's great. They also taste delicious. They're sweetened & slightly vanilla tasting. 

Fierce + Flawless: Primrose Glow Review

I'm not a fan of this. As you can see from the swatch, it doesn't adhere that well to my skin. The glitter they use is also relatively large flecks, so it gives your face the disco ball effect. Very 1990s. 

I actually used it on my cheeks for the full face photos and I honestly can't see the difference even in real life, except for a few glitter flecks on my cheeks. 

Products used:

  • Dior Hydralife BB Cream (Luminous Beige)
  • Make Up Store Cover All
  • Make Up Store Face Serum
  • Biore Perfect Face Milk
  • Brazen Fierce + Flawless (Primrose Glow)

On lids: Notoriously Morbid (The Grand Empress)
Inner corner & lower lashline: Hello Waffle (Tchaikovsky)
Eye close up. That gorgeous smudged blue colour? That's actually The Grand Empress blended out!

  • Darling Girl Glitter Glue
  • Notoriously Morbid (The Grand Empress) (swatch still pending, sorry /u/thatspookygirl!)
  • Hello Waffle (Tchaikovsky)
  • Cheap eyelashes from China

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