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Sunday, June 8, 2014

EOTD: Featuring Hello Waffle!

Eye close up!

Product List:
  • Darling Girl Glitter Glue
  • Hello Waffle 
    • Fey: swiped all over lids
    • Locked Doors: shading on upper lids
    • Magic Mirror: on lower lash line
    • Wastelands: used with a wet brush as a liner
  • Paperself paper lashes
  • Random cheap lashes
  • Fiberwig mascara

Tutorial for monolids:

1. I wasn't using any since I was testing out how long glitter glue lasts without a lasted the whole day. But if you want to apply primer, apply it first. Then apply glitter glue all over your lids. Make sure it extends beyond the areas you want to blend out since it's impossible to blend out the edges of glitter glue. Wait for it to dry.

2. Pat on Locked Doors, going above what I usually call the upper eye line (it's your natural "line" when you open your eyes). Follow the curve of your upper eye line. Keep the line straight like a really high, "mask-ish" eyeliner. 

3. Apply Fey on the rest of you lids. Now blend Locked doors and Fey.

4. Wet a thin angled brush, and pat off excess water so it's only damp. Dip the brush into Wastelands and use it as a liner 

5. Apply Magic Mirror on lower lash line

6. If you're applying paper eyelashes, they can tear. So trim your fake eyelashes first and then glue the paper eyelashes on the fake eyelashes. This way, if you're careful about peeling off the lashes, you can even re-use them 1-2 more times. Thanks to the paper lashes, it's harder to blend your own lashes into the fake lashes. I usually leave my lashes alone so they're less visible, and just curl them with a heated eyelash curler. Apply lashes.

7. Apply Fiberwig mascara on your lower lashes. Do brows and you're done!

Oh and as always...this is what happens with monolids when you close your eyes after wearing really dramatic lashes T.T

Yes..the colour transfers on the lashes and smudge.

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