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Friday, May 9, 2014

Review: Haus of Gloi Splediferous Perfume Oil and Butterbomb

My Haus of Gloi order finally arrived!

Candy? OMG YAY.
Pretty packaging! All sealed for your safety too!

My order:

  • Depravity Body Emulsion - 2oz Mini Size Jar
  • Butterbombs - Milk
  • Selkie Whipped Soap - 6oz by volume
  • Ruth Soft Bubbling Scrub - 2oz Mini Size Jar
  • Ploughman Soft Bubbling Scrub - 6oz full size jar
  • Moon Dog Sugar Exfoliant - 2oz Mini Size Jar

I got a free sample of Splendiferous for my order too! So far, I've only tried out the Butterbomb & the Perfume oil. I'm still waiting to run out of my current soap, scrub & body lotion before opening the rest.

Turnaround Time

Ordered: Apr 22
Shipped: Apr 23
Received: May 6

I'm impressed. Just 1 day processing time and i got it within 14 days!

Customer Service

They included a free perfume oil sample, candies & a little note. Definitely a sweet touch.

There was an issue in my order and I received a Depravity Pumpkin Butter instead of Body Emulsion. I emailed them when I found out and got this awesome reply 4h after I sent my email:

Definitely impressed with their customer service!

Butterbomb Review

This feels heavenly. It doesn't fizz as much as other bath bombs I've gotten, and a more accurate description is that it gently froths. I'm so glad I didn't follow their suggestion of letting it crumble under running water, because it feels so incredible melting against your skin. It feels cool and silky and my skin feels amazing afterwards.

I was initially skeptical the tiny little bath bomb is enough for an entire tub, but yes it is! It's still good even as I kept topping up the bath to heat up the water.

Perfume Oil Review

Wow. These last looonggg. Three hours in and I can still smell it wafting around my skin. I'm pretty sure it could go longer, but I ended up needing to pee really badly and I had to wash my hands afterwards. I wore it to sleep and 7h later, my wrist still smell faintly of something milky. You have to sniff very close to the skin, but it's still there.

Scents Review


"Different from many of the milky notes that we generally use. This is a fresh milk."

Milk scents are always a high risk, high reward gamble for me. I love, love, love edible, creamy scents, but milk scents sometimes come off as a very milky, play-doh-ish scent that reminds me of certain baby formulas or cloyingly sweet Japanese milk candies. I was in a gambling mood and holy crap it paid off. This scent is gorgeous. I normally don't like soaking my face in very hot water and would keep my face out of the water until it cools, but as soon as the smell surfaces, I just had to sink myself into the water to drown myself in the scent.

It smells like milk and flowers, and somehow manages to maintain the perfect balance between the scents. It never became completely floral or completely creamy. As my nose adjusted to the smell, I also smell a note of something faintly metallic. It smells like old metal. You know that slightly salty, rusty smell you get on your hands when you rub your hands against aged metal? There's a hint of that and it makes the entire thing smell so good.

This smell is so relaxing, I had to remind myself not to fall asleep and become a recipient of a Darwin Award. I normally get bored easily and can't stay too long in baths, but this smelled so good, I stayed in until the smell faded because I re-filled the tub too often. I didn't even read my book for the longest time, and just sat there sniffing and sniffing like an addict doing a line of coke.


"White cake, lemon zest glaze and sugared violets"

First impression: I smell the lemon, but there's also that overly milky, cloying smell (what I was worried Milk would smell like). It definitely smells sugary too.

5 min in: The overly milky, cloying smell isn't so strong now. I still smell it underneath, but it's mostly a balance between the lemon and sugary violets.

15 min in: The cloying smell is back. I somehow associate this smell with play-doh, because it's what I imagine a pastel play-doh cake will taste like (I've tried eating play-doh. It's just salty).

1h in: The smell settled and it's mostly the cloying, play-doh smell & something that smells like baby powder. I barely smell the lemon now. I'm not too much of a fan of this scent, unfortunately.

3h in: The smell is still relatively strong. I can smell it wafting above my skin. 

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