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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Perfume Combinations


Midsummers Dream  Rapunzel + Alkemia Vixen = Fresh rain and fairies dancing on a field of flowers. Holy shit this is awesome! I don't know why but the smell actually becomes light as air. I thought the vanilla would make it heavier, but wow...this is such an airy, rainy smell. It's slightly sweet, but not overpoweringly so. Amazing.

Alkemia New Orleans Love Spell + HoG Splendiferous = A hot cut of creamy, thick vanilla chai, served with a fresh sprig of flowers. Wow...these two perfumes perfectly balance each other out. New Orleans Love Spell no longer smell overpoweringly hot, Splendiferous no longer smells cloyingly milky..this is perfect!

Midsummers Dream Sultan's Daugther + Alkemia Affaire de Cœur = Washing your hands in jasmine scented soap after eating buttered popcorn

HoG Milkmaid + Alkemia New Orleans Love Spell = Sipping a cup of hot chai with a cinnamon stick in it, while sitting on a leather chair. Makes me want to cuddle with my cat. I mean my boyfriend. Yes. Boyfriend, not cat.

This kind of soap.
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Midsummers Dream Beauty + Alkemia Calliope = One of those old school bar of soap, the plain white ones that's usually rounded in shape. I love it! The old lady smell from Beauty is gone, but unfortunately, the more "fruity" smell in Calliope is gone too. There's a hint of melons but it mostly has a clean soap smell. I still like this smell though. Reminds me of the time when you're a kid and you're still amused by bars of soap. I hope I'm not the only weird kid who would spend eternity washing my hands just because watching soap lather fascinated me so much..


HoG Milkmaid + Alkemia New Orleans Love Spell + Alkemia A Roll in the Hay = Marshmallows melting in an Indian temple, stomped on by muddy feet. No idea why but all the scents wafting around disappeared and I have to smell close to the skin. My mom says there's an "Indian temple" smell that stank and made me stay away from her. It later disappeared to leave this lingering scent of old pennies, which seems to be a lingering "aftersmell" of all HoG products I've tried so far.

HoG Elevenses + HoG Milkmaid = Salty sweat, rust, orange blossoms, with a hint of Chinese traditional medicine

Alkemia Prairie 66 + Alkemia Vixen = Blue, floral baby powder that's slightly medicated. At least the insecticide smell of Prairie 66 is gone.

Alkemia Prairie 66 + Alkemia Vixen + Alkemia Calliope = Sugared mango & melons, sprinkled in medicated baby powder.

Midsummers Dream  Rapunzel + Alkemia Vixen + HoG Elevenses + Alkemia La Sirena = A high end spa bed in a tropical destination, after an old man wearing strong smelling traditional Chinese herbal salves laid on it. The blue smell from La Sirena finally managed to mask the traditional Chinese medicine smell of Elevenses, but you can still smell it faintly. On top of that clean spa smell I've associated with Rapunzel, there's now a tropical fruit smell..definitely something sour but fragrant like unripe mangoes with grapefruit and melons.

She is so judging you.
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Midsummers Dream  Rapunzel + Midsummers Dream  Mermaid + Midsummers Dream  Beauty + Midsummers Dream Sultan's Daugther + Midsummers Dream Snow White = A socialite granny: powder rooms, something a very classy & clean, and a hint of something old. You imagine this perfume being worn by a very proper, Julie Andrews style grandma who's constantly wearing Chanel suits. I instinctively felt the need to sit up a bit straighter.

Alkemia La Sirena + Alkemia A Roll in the Hay = A sweet & heavy floral. It's like someone wore a heavy, old lady floral perfume, changed her mine and tries a cheap, light floral perfume, and now the two scents are fighting for dominance. It's not too bad, but I'm not a fan either.

Alkemia Lux Aeternum + HoG Splendiferous = Honeyed citrus flowers with hints of artificial condensed milk. I would've loved this scent, only the artificial milk smell from Splendiferous still smells pretty strong. Without it, this is a really gorgeous scent -light, sweet, slightly floral and citrus that's not overpowering.

Kill it with fire.

Alkemia Gaea + Alkemia Au Lait = ABORT. Do NOT ever attempt. It smells like insecticide drizzled in artificial condensed milk

Alkemia Gaea + Alkemia Au Lait + HoG Elevenses = Insecticide in curdled milk. What was I thinking? Oh right. I thought something sour would even out the smell.

Alkemia Gaea + Alkemia Au Lait + HoG Elevenses + Midsummers Dream Mermaid = There is really no saving this. Now it smells like cockroaches drowning in bad quality condensed milk. I'm showering. By the way, I actually found a picture of cockroaches drowning in condensed milk on Google. It's too gross to post.

Midsummers Dream Sultan's Daugther + Alkemia Antares = Drowning in melting sugar and incense. Waayyy too sweet and musky.

This looks pretty but your hands won't smell pretty.
Image courtesy of Patricia Nabong
Alkemia Gaea + Midsummers Dream  Rapunzel = Your hands after de-potting hundreds of flowers -there's a vaguely floral smell, but it's mostly dirt. I give up on Gaea guys. Rapunzel eventually wins out and it smells more floral, but you still smell the undertones of dirt.

Midsummers Dream  Rapunzel + Alkemia Vixen + HoG Elevenses = A truck carrying Chinese traditional medicine crashed into a truck carrying flowers. The traditional medicine smell from Elevenses is strong.

Alkemia La Sirena + Alkemia A Roll in the Hay + Alkemia Au Lait = Trying to mask the smell of curdled milk with room spray.

Alkemia New Orleans Love Spell Alkemia Au Lait = Burning a cinnamon candle after you've forgotten to peel off the plastic wrapper, with hints of cloyingly sweet condensed milk. The sickeningly sweet smell of melting plastic is really strong, followed by a strong dose of cinnamon. Guess New Orleans Love Spell doesn't work with all milky scents. 

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