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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Recommendation: e.l.f.'s Liner Sealer

If you love colour like me, I definitely recommend e.l.f.'s Primer & Liner Sealer. I personally don't like the primer since I find it too oily & cakey for me, but the magic happens with the liner sealer. It basically turns any eyeshadow you have into a liner!

  • You can have liquid liners in any colour you want now! No need to buy that one blue liner you'll only use once in a while! Yay!
  • So cheap at $3
  • The brush is angled so application is easy, and yes, you can get supersharp wings with it
  • Relatively water-proof & smudge-proof

  • Not available in Indonesia, so you have to either buy it online or get someone to buy it for you from the US
  • The colour comes out slightly translucent, and it's not very buildable either (tried it with black eyeshadow and it's still not that opaque)
  • When you apply it over your eyeshadow, sometimes it picks up the eyeshadow underneath so you end up with a blended colour instead of a crisp liner
  • Comes with a primer I never use

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