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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Review: Darling Girl Glitter Glue & Eyeshadow Swatches

I've been hearing amazing things about Darling Girl's Glitter glue so I ordered seven of them. Yes. Seven. International shipping is expensive so I wanted to just make one big, bulk order....if you're in Jakarta and want one, let me know...

My package arrived and I got a surprise! A sample of Dark Forest & Petit tub of Sakura Season!

Extra goodies? I love them!
This is a picture of the petit tub. As you can see, the jar is barely filled halfway. Apparently it's only 1/4 tsp of eyeshadow. It's not bad for $2.50, but I guess psychologically, I felt disappointed when opening the tub since all the free space makes me feel like I have less product.. Their full-size tub is 3/4 tsp (or 2g) for $5.90. That's slightly cheaper than Shiro ($6) but more expensive than Hello Waffle ($4.50).

I actually went, "Wow...oh." when I opened it.

Turnaround Time

Ordered: Apr 10
Shipped: Apr 23
Received: 8 May

I guess I got used to faster TATs from other indie brands I've tried, so I wasn't impressed it took them 13 days to ship my order.

Another issue I had with their customer service is that I sent them a message asking them for an update when the glitter glue is back in stock. I never got a reply, and only discovered the glitter glue is back when I was randomly checking their page. 

Eyeshadow Review

Both colours I got are extremely glittery, so you definitely need to be careful when applying it. Puffs of glitter flew everywhere, even when I was just tapping excess glitter off. And there's no end to the glitter. There was even a rain of glitter down my face while I was patting the colour on. It's actually really pretty to watch, and I feel like Tinker-freaking-belle, shooting fairy dust off my brush. It made me really tempted to flick my brush around, spraying everyone with bursts of glitter while yelling, "Let's fly! Fly! Fly to Neverland!"

Both colours definitely need glitter glue to work. I struggled to get them to stay on my bare skin (patted them on, blew on them to get rid of the excess dust and most of the eyeshadow blew off my skin too), and while applying them wet got the colour to stick, all the gorgeous glitter disappears and the colours look less special.


Sakura Season

Darling Girl Sakura Season
My iPhone can't capture how gorgeous this colour is! It looks metallic in the picture but in real life, it's super sparkly. With multi-coloured sparks!  

Dark Forest

Darling Girl Dark Forest
Check out the shift!
The camera can't capture the multicoloured glitter again! The colour shifts between dark green and dark blue depending on the angle of the light, and also has multicoloured glitter.

Unfortunately, the colour stained my skin:

My camera doesn't capture it that well, but you can still see the stains. IRL, the stains are more prominent.

Glitter Glue Review

As you can see from the swatches, this thing is awesome. I got Darling Girl's Glitter Glue because the price is awesome at $6.75, and I've given up battling Fyrinnae's website to get a hold of their Pixie Epoxy. I've also read reviews both of them are of the same quality anyway, so I might as well get one from a company that doesn't make purchasing a challenge.

The Glitter Glue is not supposed to work as a primer but check out how smudge proof it the eyeshadow over it becomes!

I smudged hard and the swatch over Glitter Glue just won't budge!
This made me wonder if Glitter Glue would make blending and softening out edges impossible, so I had to do an experiment.

I coated my hand with Glitter Glue and put 3 stripes of eyeshadow over it. I chose really contrasting colours so the blending (or lack of) will be more obvious. 

Turns out, you can still blend the eyeshadow above the Glitter Glue!

Ooooh! Pretty!
It's completely impossible to soften the edges of the Glitter Glue though, so I think I'll just put it all over my lids instead of just the spots where I want the glitter to show. Sometimes I like creating crisp edges by using eye make up remover, so I had to test our if I can do that with Glitter Glue. Well, it's hard. It's similar to trying to wipe eyelash glue off and you can expect similar messiness. 

Messy, messy..

Anyway, I went crazy trying out Glitter Glue with other eyeshadows. As you can see from the swatches below, this product is freaking amazing.

And here's how it fares with a less glittery duochrome:

Glitter Glue just brings out more dimension in the colour!

UPDATE: I just found out Glitter Glue doesn't work with e.l.f.'s liner sealer. When I tried using the liner sealer over my eyeshadow that's placed above Glitter Glue, there's some reaction and the liner sealer ends up acting like a make up remover, and the liner sealer won't stick no matter how hard you try. I ended up using my usual gel liner.

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