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Friday, March 20, 2015

Samples Challenge Day 12.

Today is a bit of a special edition of the samples challenge. IMAM had an Indie Truth or Dare thread and these are my dares:


Dare: Create a monochrome look with a color you wouldn't typically reach for.

Honestly, I rarely pick up browns/neutrals, but I'll make it more fun and pick colours that I normally hate. This I have to save later, but

Now these 3 challences look like they can be combined:

I dare you to pull three samples for your sample challenge!

Dare: I've seen you do tonnes of pretty, bright eye looks. I'd love to see you go neutral on the eyes and do something crazy with the lips or face!

Dare: Do a look with blue/green/unusual color lipsticks :p

So here's my 3-colour Sample Challenge colours that I selected randomly – Ten Three Labs' Thank You For Loving Me (swatches here), and Backstreets Makeup Co's The Mintalist & Kricka (swatches here).

I decided to go with an ombré liner because Kricka is one of my favourite colours, and I wanted to show more of it. 

Don't have a proper close eye photo, because I opened my eyes too fast and ended up with a scrunched up, tacky mess hidden under my lids.

For the crazy lips, it's Fyrinnae's Burrowing Owl!

I decided to do another look so I don't feel like I'm cheating too much. This is a more neutral eye look, but even crazier lips.

The colours are Limnit's League of My Own & Abracadabra (swatches here). I had to go on a 5am flight for a client meeting, so I figured I'd cheer myself up with colourful lips since I don't have time to do much with my eyes (hence, no close up). I figured I'd just look fabulous during the flight, wipe it off as soon as I land, and then show up at my clients' factory looking boring....

Boring eye make up, fun lip make up.

........turned out I was on the same flight as my client. I stupidly didn't realize there was ONLY ONE morning flight, so everyone's on it. Had to rub off my lipstick on an old receipt I found in my bag because I don't  carry tissues with me. T.T


  1. I really like you three sample look! Also, I can't wait to see what you do with Jamie's dare.

  2. Thank you! And thank you for the fun idea!