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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Eyeshadow Teasers!

More teasers for the eyeshadow recipes I'll be posting soon. I just finished swatching this morning, but I still need time to label the swatches. They'll be out tonight! Promise!

Here are some eye close ups for Look #1:

Just Erotic, Orbital Velocity of the Moon, Hoppity Skip, Epicureans, Stoics & Cynics, & Wasted Chances

If you can figure out the theme of the collection, I'll love you sooo much.

Fyrinnae's Masala on lips

Eye close ups for Look #1:

Epicureans, Stoics & Cynics, & Hoppity Skip 
Sorry for the hair in the way. I only realized I forgot to take eye close ups after I left the house. Had to take this in public without looking like a narcissistic nutjob.
DIY eyeshadows
Set Fire on lips

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