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Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Hair Care Routine

Today I got asked again about what I do to keep my hair soft and smooth, since people are often surprised by how it feels despite everything I've put it through. Thanks to maintaining an ombré hair between Aug-May, my ends have been dyed 6 times and my entire hair has been bleached twice in 11 months. So yes, my hair high-mantainance in the moisture department.

These are what I use to keep my hair soft:

L'Oreal Hair Mask 
This is what I use instead of a conditioner. I discovered how awesome L'Oreal's hair masks are after I tried dyeing my hair at home with a L'Oreal kit (I failed). The conditioner they included made my hair incredibly silky and soft for the next two days. I immediately got a L'Oreal conditioner, but I'm afraid it didn't have the same results. Then, I tried a L'Oreal hair mask and that was the one that worked. I've tried various types of L'Oreal hair masks and all of them had the same effect, so now I just get whatever's available/cheapest. As long as it's in a tub, it works.

CV-Third Treatment – Water Matrix leave-in conditioner

Best leave-in conditioner ever
Image courtesy of

The water matrix leave-in conditioner is awesome, I've been using it since I was 14 (over a decade!). It managed to keep my hair smooth and silky even when I had hair this long:

Yes, pooping was a pain. I had to wrap it around my neck like a scarf.

Argan Oil 

Alas, all the colour treatments got too much even for that leave-in conditioner to handle, so I've added argan oil into the mix since May, and now I'm hooked. Argan oil is amazing. The brand I use is Orofluido's argan oil (scented with vanilla and sandalwood! Smells sooo good!), but I think any brand would do. 
I discovered it when my stylist, Nobu, added some argan oil to my hair right after dyeing it. Once my hair was blown dry, holy shit it's baby unicorn hair soft. I whipped out my wallet immediately. It's only Rp 150,000 or USD 15 when I bought it. And guess what? A little goes a long way so this thing is going to last me forever. It's been 2 months and I still have a nearly full bottle!  
I usually only use a dollop about the size of a quarter (or SGD 50¢ coin, or Rp 500 coin), and work it into my damp hair after showering. I either sleep on it or style as usual, and the only trace the oil leaves is that my hair is now super soft. I used to hate hair oils since they felt oily and weigh down my hair, but argan oil gets absorbed so fast and leaves my as soft and fluffy as the fur of an angora rabbit. 

And that's it. Also, if anyone's looking for hairstylists in Indonesia, I recommend mine:

Nobu Salon
Dharmawangsa Square City Walk, 3rd fl #57
Jl. Darmawangsa VII & IX
Jakarta Selatan 12160

Phone: (021) 9121 4528 or (021) 9121 4504

I usually go to this outlet since I only go with Nobu himself, but they do have another outlet in Citywalk:

Nobu Salon
Citywalk Sudirman
Citywalk Sudirman, 2nd fl #23
Jl.KH. Mas Mansyur 121
Jakarta, 10220

Phone: (021) 9127 1870 or (021) 9722 7377


  1. Hi! Thanks for the super useful post. If you don't mind me asking, could you share where you find this: CV-Third Treatment – Water Matrix leave-in conditioner? Thanks a bunch!

    1. I get mine from Red Salon at Takashimaya in Singapore, but I found some online stores that carry it (I haven't tried any of them so I can't vouch on their reliability):

      Best of luck :)