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Monday, July 14, 2014

Making New Colours With My Hello Waffle Tinted Lip Balms

I really love how Hello Waffle's Ginger Kitties mixed with Cotton Candy looks on me, but I'm getting a bit too lazy to carry two colours with me at all times. So I thought I might as well try combining them!

First, I disinfected eveything and then put a chunk of Cotton Candy & a chunk of Ginger Kitties in a microwave-safe bowl. 
I love disinfecting stuff...

Next I microwaved then until they melted. I can't give an estimation of how long it took since I'm way too impatient and kept opening the microwave after every round the bowl made.
Mix that all up!

Next, I just poured it into an old lip balm tube (disinfected, of course) I have and let it set. It set in about 20 min for me!

Now, since I was only using a bit of the tinted balms (in case this mucking around failed terribly), I twisted the lip balm tube about 2/3s to 3/4s up. Unfortunately, I twisted it up too high and ended up with some left overs. While rumaging for a spare eyeshadow tub to pour the leftovers into, I noticed this: 

Lip-safe, you say...? Interesting...

So I re-melted the leftovers and dumped some Schubert in:

Mixing in eyeshadow is messier than I thought...

Only had enough for this little blob, but it's good enough!

Now swatches!

Top: Cotton Candy + Ginger Kitties
Bottom:  Cotton Candy + Ginger Kitties + Schubert

 Cotton Candy + Ginger Kitties

Cotton Candy + Ginger Kitties + Schubert
There's a more purple-ish tint IRL

So on to the most important question! Did I ruin the tinted lip balms? Nope!

Taste-wise, they're still the same. Texture-wise, the graininess in both seem to have gotten finer. The Schubert mix is even finer and I'm not sure if it's because of something in the eyeshadow, the lowered percentage of carnauba wax content, or the product getting melted twice. 

The pigmentation is just as rich as before, so no worries there. I think I'm about to have a lot more lip colours soon!

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