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Saturday, December 12, 2015

IMAM Challenge: Dec 12 - Scent of the Day

I decided to go with my favourite scent, Darling Clandestine's Blue Valentine (review here). I definitely felt the pressure to make this look as pretty as the scent!

This look took soooo many eyeshadows. I lost track as I blended, but i think about 7 different colours went in there. There's a bunch of different Müse shadows, POMI's Ripley, Ten Three Lab's Bells Bells Bells, and  Dawn Eyes' Kartini. The eyeliner is Urban Decay's eyeliner in Chaos!

I used Eccentric Cosmetics' Cano Cristales for the lips again! I think I managed to capture more of the purple-ish shift here! The blush and highlight are Femme Fatale's Monsters From Mars & Toy Terror respectively.

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