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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Tutorial: Grey Ombré for Monolids

I got asked to do a tutorial for my November-themed look so after way too much procrastinating (sorry >.<), here it is!

1. Start by applying the light grey eyeshadow in a semi-circle over your lids. If you have monolids, make sure you open your eyes to check if they peek above your lids.

2. Following the natural shape of your lower lashline, draw a line that extends upwards. Use a thin liner brush to draw this.

3. Connect that line to the semi-cirle and fill it in.

4. Blendy blendy blend. Clean up any mess by swiping a cotton bud dipped in eye make up remover upwards. This will turn the outer edge into a nice, sharp wing. Line the bottom lashline with the light grey. (this is when I noticed I have an lower eyelash that's pancaked on my eye thanks to not properly cleaning off eyelash glue). 

5. Lightly drag down the darker grey from the outer corner down to about 1/4-1/3 of the outer lower lashline, then use a tapered blending brush and whack on some silvery-gold eyeshadow on your inner corner. Seriously, just whack in's much nicer when it looks like a super tiny fairy crashed into the inner corner of your eyes.

6. Blend it upwards and inwards, making sure you're only blending up to the inner 1/3 of your eye. Slap on some falsies/mascara and you're done!

Full face!

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