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Thursday, November 26, 2015

IMAM Challenge: Nov 26 - American Thanksgiving

I really, really miss American Thanksgiving....mostly for the deserts. I planned on going with a golden look with brushes of red and gold glitter to try and capture that warm, glowy food coma feeling after a big Thanksgiving meal, but it turns out that Femme Fatale's Chicken Chicken has this strong green shift even though it looks like a plain brown at first! The effect's really cool and I loved the end result, but it's kinda different from what I was planning. Let's just say that represents creamed spinach, ok?

Here's the EOTD:

I used Femme Fatale's Chicken Chicken, Afraid of Bees, The Lost Legend & Wicked Wax Museum, Make Up Store's Pollution and Lit Cosmetics' California Soul.

And here's the full face:

Bonus lips close up! This is a bunch of eyeshadows mixed with Vaseline...there were so many, I lost track >.<

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