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Monday, August 24, 2015

Review & Swatches: Darling Girl's Soon-To-Be-Discontinued Colours

Turns out Darling Girl is discontinuing a bunch of shades and I own 2 of them. One of them is also a really awesome colour that needs more attention too! 

So here are swatches:

Glitter Glue macros under natural light
Under natural light:

Aurelia's Fire was a gift with purchase so it's no longer available. It's a plain bronze that's not too exciting colour-wise, but it's really smooth and blendable over primer alone. There's barely any fall out too!

Antiquity is a semi-loose formula and the bare skin swatches failed to show how smoothly it applied over bare skin thanks to a water getting stuck at the edges of my tape. Totally my fault. This is easy to blend and really smooth over primer.

Papercut is awesome for a one-colour look. You can actually see a bit of a shift over primer, and it's more obvious in the swatches under artificial light since I could angle the light right. I end up preferring this colour over primer alone, since the shift is less dramatic, so I get that rust with hints of green that's really pretty and work safe. Over glitter glue, the shift is more dramatic and it looks like you're using a green & brown eyeshadow. Extremely easy to blend too!

Under yellow-toned artificial light: 

So here are some looks I did with them:

Showing off how blendable all 3 colours are:

The blue is from a different brand, I blended Antiquity, Aurelia's Fire & Papercut using a fluffy blush and as you can see, they didn't go streaky at all! Full face:

One-colour look using Papercut:

This is over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy. Yup, this is all Papercut, nothing else. And the shift is visible from afar too, here's the full face:

Papercut & Aurelia's Fire over primer alone

I realized thanks to the eyeliner & Aurelia's Fire blended on top, the green duochrome doesn't show up that well here. It's there though! Full face:

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