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Friday, August 7, 2015

Review & Swatches: 17 Dark Matter Make Up Shades – The Pinks & Purples

Sorry the reviews are taking longer than expected. I usually can only do 1 EOTD per day, so trying to use most of the colours on my eyes is taking a while. In this review, I'll be reviewing and swatching 17 more Dark Matter Makeup (DMM) eyeshadows. For part 1 which contains 20 swatches, click here.


Primer macros!

Under Natural Light

Mae, Annie, Usagi, Ixion, Gemini

Mae is best over primer only and I found it very easy to use over primer. It's very blendable and pigmented over primer.

Annie is like Mae –best and easy to use over primer only. Definitely just as blendable as Mae.

Usagi is just gorgeous in swatches. I actually have to show more close ups of this colour:

Unfortunately, I found it slightly difficult to get this same effect on my lids —the colour keeps turning into this dark purple that's similar to Hotaru, only it's with a slight golden shift. It's pretty, but different from the arm swatches. I think the colour difference between the arm and eye swatches is because it's easier to capture more of the metallic gold duochrome on the arm swatches.

Ixion is supposed to be a matte, but it has a slight sheen to it. I found that using a fluffy brush can lead to a bit of streakiness, so for best results, it's best to blend with a short stiff brush.

Gemini looks really different over primer and glitter glue so it's like getting 2 colours for the price of one. If you like just adding glitter glue in spots where you want more glitter though, the difference may be too stark and you'll end up with a noticeable unblended patch. The colour also sheers out a lot when you blend it out over primer, which makes the difference even more noticeable. 

Capricorn, Cassiopeia, Monoceros, Henrietta, Chibiusa, Pavonis

Capricorn is one of my least favourite formulas. I found it draggy, patchy, and rather sheer. I was struggling to get an even swatch in all the swatches except for the one where I foiled it with water. I tried using it on my eyes to see if it'll look better once it was on my lids, but I wasn't impressed with the results. You can see the EOTD I did below.

Cassiopeia is my favourite for adding a pop of colour since the blue highlight is strong. The blue highlight often takes over and the colour looks just blue though. 

Monoceros is supposed to be a matte, but it has a visible sheen to it. It's pretty blendable and easy to use over primer only.

Henrietta is very blendable and easy to use over primer only. Definitely beginner friendly!

Chibiusa is seriously gorgeous over glitter glue. You get the most gorgeous purple to black gradient and it's really stunning. The macro shots doesn't really capture the gradient, but the arm swatches does! This colour is very glitter glue dependent and looks like a muddy black-ish purple on primer or when blended out.

Pavonis is best over glitter glue, since it tends to smudge out to a muddy grey-ish black on your eyes if it's over primer only. This colour also heavily stains your skin green.

Proxima, Acrux, Aquarius, Polaris, Ami, Hotaru

Proxima is seriously one of my favourite colours. I need to show more angles of this:
Yup! Same colour under natural light, just different angles!
Unfortunately, it's very glitter glue dependent. I tried using it with a primer only, and lost most of the duochrome once I blink since the way my eyes crease makes the eyeshadow go bald. With glitter glue though, you can create an awesome 1 shadow look. This colour mildly stains.

Acrux is actually pretty over primer only, but the duochrome is much more fragile that way and I end up with a plain blue eyeshadow that's the same colour as the bare skin swatches after a few blinks. It's definitely best over glitter glue.  Without a glitter adhesive, Aquarius, Polaris & Acrux looks almost like the same colour. This colour mildly stains.

Aquarius is another colour that needs a glitter adhesive. Without a glitter adhesive, Aquarius, Polaris & Acrux looks almost like the same colour as soon as I blink since that rubs off the duochrome. This colour mildly stains.

Polaris also needs a glitter adhesive for best results. Without a glitter adhesive, Aquarius, Polaris & Acrux looks almost like the same colour over primer since the duochrome gets rubbed off as you blink. This colour mildly stains.

Ami is seriously gorgeous patted on, but it's definitely glitter glue dependent. When used with a primer only, the colour looks good initially, but goes bald as soon as you blink and it becomes a plain purple colour. This colour mildly stains.

Hotaru is a colour I like best foiled with water. It's so great as a lower lashline pop of colour when foiled with water!

Under Yellow-Toned Artificial Light

On my eyes...

Proxima 1-Shadow Look
Dark Matter Makeup,
2 layers over Darling Girl's glitter glue

The lids is Proxima only! Monoceros is on my lower lashline.

Usagi, Chibiusa, Hotaru & Cassiopeia


Yup, had to give the dots trend a try. TMTYL is on the inner corners, Capricorn is on my lids, Gemini is on the outer half of my lower lashline. Even though this look is pretty simple, Capricorn was really hard to apply. I also don't like the way it looks patchy on my lids.

Where Ami Goes Bald

Ami is the purple, TMTYL is on the inner corners, Henrietta's on top and Ursa Major is on the sides. Ursa Major doesn't show up at all except for giving the colour a bit of a brown tinge, Ami went completely bald. This was freshly applied, but I blinked. I wanted a soft, smokey look, so I couldn't use glitter glue and figured the EOTD looks good enough when my eyes are open.

Fleur Delacour inspired look using Pavonis, Mae, Annie, Rei & Ursa Minor

There's a bald patch in Pavonis on the side
This is where I'm kinda disappointed with Pavonis. The colour doesn't show up like in swatches since it's relatively fragile and becomes this muted, grey-ish purple when you blink a lot. This was the vibrant purplish-blue Pavonis was when I patted it on heavily.

I took like a million selfies with this look since it took forever to do:

The stain left by Pavonis:

This was after wiping with Innisfree's make up wipe, cleaning with Lancome's Bi-Facil make up remover and oil cleansing with Shu Umera's oil cleanser. It lasted 2 days.

Acrux Primer vs Glitter Glue

Acrux definitely looks way better over glitter glue. The darker colour is Sagittarius. 

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