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Monday, July 13, 2015

Review & Recommendation: Skindinavia Primer & Finishing Spray

I recently placed an order from Skindinavia and I now found my new HG brand!

Skindinavia review

They shipped fast and here's the TAT I had:
  • Ordered: 7 May, 2015
  • Shipped: 8 May, 2015
  • Received: 8 June, 2015


  • Make Up Primer: $35 (4oz), $ 49(8oz)
  • Finishing Spray: $29 (4oz), $ 39(8oz)
  • Set of Primer + Finishing Spray: $50 (4oz), $60 (8oz)

Primer Review

First of all, I love the feel of this primer. The reason I've been lazy about using primer is that they often feel heavy on my face. Plus, I already put so much stuff on my face thanks to my intense skin care routine, that I can't be bothered to wait for another layer to dry on my face. This is why I love this primer so much. When I spray it on my face, it just feels like I'm spritzing a cool mist of water on my face. For once, I can wear primer daily!

So it feels awesome. But the important question is, does it work? Well, here are the swatches of my face where I applied the primer on only half my face and applied my usual BB cream on (I didn't use the finishing spray), ~9h after application:

I have dry skin around my nose that even the primer can't save...

In that picture, you can see the side of my face without the primer looks a bit more patchy already. IRL, the difference is even more pronounced. My face looked like it was melting on one side.

Unfortunately, I have dry flaky skin around my face that even the primer can't save. I think I may have to change my coverage methods to conceal all the flaky skin, so I can't blame the primer for this.

Oil Control Finishing Spray Review

This is seriously my HG. I have really oily skin, and usually, my make up is swimming around in a pool of oil on my face within 4h and I'd have to start blotting. I usually blot about once every 3-4h, so by 8h, most of my make up's gone. With this finishing spray, I don't really need to blot the entire day. I'd notice a bit of oiliness maybe after 8-10h, but it's slight enough that I don't need to urgently blot my face. It's amazing. I decanted some for my friends and they all reported similar results. We all living in hot, tropical countries (Singapore, Indonesia) where your make up melts really fast, and thanks to Skindinavia, our make up can survive the entire day. We immediately group ordered more Skindinavia sprays.

Here's the swatch of my face with the finishing spray applied over my BB cream on only half my face (I skipped the primer), ~9h after application:

I actually concealed all those spots...and yes, even my eye make up was melting on the BB cream only side
I didn't fix my eye make up on the finishing spray side, by the way. Zooming in further so you can see how much oilier my face is on the side without finishing spray:

Oh and let's see the magic when I used both the primer & finishing spray on only half my face. Left is when it's freshly applied, left is after about 12h (because I nearly forgot to take an after picture):

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