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Monday, July 20, 2015

Review: Life's Entropy's Highlighters (4 Colours)

/u/roseatesg got samples of 4 Life’s Entropy highlighters, and being the awesome person that she is, she let me hang on to them for a month to swatch and review!

These are the colours she got:

  • Comet – Opal peach
  • Solar Flare – Rose gold
  • Nebula – pearl white that shifts gold-copper-red
  • Celestial – pearl white that shifts pink-silver-green

Highlighter Formula Review

Formula wise, these have a light, slippery cream sort of texture. If you’ve tried Eccentric Cosmetics’ primer, it’s a similar sort of texture. Since it’s so light and doesn’t feel oily, it’s very comfortable on your face. I’m still experiencing a bit of a learning curve though, since the slipperiness means I tend to over-blend and lose the highlighting effect, or erase patches of highlighter and look like I have dents on my face.

I'm not sure if I can comment on the formula's longevity, just because I use my BB cream daily, and I think any highlighter's longevity will be dependent on my BB cream's longevity. I have combination skin where my T-zone, well, mostly my nose, is extremely oily, and everything else is dry. On my super oily nose, these last less than 4h, BUT that’s how long my BB cream usually lasts too. On my cheekbones, they last as long as my BB cream. When I use Skindinavia’s primer & setting spray, they can last 12+h on me until I remove my make up, but the same goes for my BB cream.


Here’s the swatches under natural light. I shot both pictures at different angles to show off the colour-changing properties of Nebula and Celestial:

Yes, I swear there's a generous swatch of Celestial there. I think the colour somehow just blends into my skin tone so it’s not really showing up well. You can kinda see the flush of pink, but it gets mostly eaten up. On the face swatches though, it’s surprisingly awesome:

2 angles to show the highlight in indirect and direct light.
I was looking forward to the green in Nebula, but it just looks like silvery red-pink colour shift against my skin. I think my yellow undertones just makes the green less striking.

Comet is I actually mistook it for either Nebula or Celestial at first, because I could see more of a shift in the swatch. On my face, the shift is less dramatic. It looks like a very subtle, natural flush on my face in indirect light, then gets the most gorgeous golden glow once the light hits it. I apologize for my haggard & pissed face in the face swatch. I spent the entire morning up, because Indonesia has 0 noise control laws and some a-holes on motorcycles decided to have a rally in the streets outside my house (it's a residential area too) from 12:30am to gods know when. They were still shouting into loud speakers, blaring their horns and playing drums by the time I fell asleep from exhaustion at around 3:30 am.

Solar Flare is definitely a close contender for favourite. On me, it's not as dramatic as Comet, but IRL, you definitely see a more reddish flush than what my camera could capture.

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