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Monday, April 20, 2015

Review: Glory Boon Highlighter, Concealer, Foundation & Lip Scrub

Some time ago, I ordered from Glory Boon, and while I swatched them ages ago, I've been procrastinating on compiling everything into a post. I finally did it. So proud.

Here's what I got from them:

  • Natural Liquid Foundation samples: Fair/Light, Luna ($2 each)
  • Heal & Conceal Concealer ($12)
  • Howdy Highlighter ($12)
  • Popcorn Lip Scrub ($8.99)

International shipping was $11.74.

This is how my order arrived:

Yup, something exploded.

Most of it is gone.

Not sure if you can see it, but this leaked too and the whole tub is oily. This frequently happens with scrubs though, so it's nothing new for me.

As you can see, everything came leaking. I love the fact that all the products except for the foundation samples came shrinkwrapped, though!

Everything's shrinkwrapped so that's a plus.

Customer Service

I contacted Glory Boon about the leaking products and Alexandra gave me a coupon code for free shipping on the next purchase.

Here's the TAT:

  • Ordered: 26 July
  • Shipped: 30 July

For reviews, let's start with the good parts first...

 Popcorn Lip Scrub Review

I love this scrub. It tastes like buttered popcorn and is so delicious! It comes shrinkwrapped, and as you can see from the previous photos, it's pretty generous in size. I do notice a waxy aftertaste in the scrub, but I'm not sure if it's from the flavouring or the scrub formula.

So on to swatches:

The formula melts easily, so this is just 1-2 swipes with minimal pressure. 
None of the foundation shades were a match :(

Foundation Formula Review

I didn't find my match, but mixing both colours together gets me relatively close to my skin tone. I noticed a lot of separation in the formula when I first got it:

And yes, it's very oily.

The foundation is pretty oily so it hates the oily parts of my combination skin. I had a hard time applying it, because it just slips around on my face and ends up like this when I applied it with a foundation brush the way I usually apply my liquid foundations/BB creams:

See my gross face.

I find that the best application is to dab it on with a sponge, and patiently wait until the first layer is dry if you want to build it up. As you can see from the previous pictures, the coverage is pretty sheer and streaky, so you do need to build it up a bit to get even coverage. Here's the result with dabbing:

I'm personally a bit impatient, and way prefer my Dior Hydralife BB cream that has smooth & even coverage even when applied with my fingers, so I'm not a fan of the work I have to put into making this foundation work.

After a few months, it dries to this cakey texture:

It's cakey.
It actually becomes easier to apply when it's cakey. I tried it out again at the cakey stage and it's definitely far less streaky. I compared it side-by-side with my usual Dior Hydralife BB Cream by using Glory Boon's foundation on half my face and the BB cream on the other half. Left is before, right is after:

Sorry about the different lighting, I only realized there's better lighting available after I was done putting on make up.
From afar, it's hard to tell which side is which, but zoomed in, you can really see a difference:

The Glory Boon part is 3-4 layers, dabbed on using a sponge (took 5 min). The Dior Hydralife part is one fast swipe applied with my fingers (took less than 30 seconds). 

Despite my slapstick application of Dior's Hydralife BB cream, it ends up with a much better coverage than Glory Boon's. Honestly, I can't see a different IRL in my complexion using Glory Boon, and my red veins are still just as prominent. The only difference is that my face is now more cakey.

Heal & Conceal Concealer Formula Review

So here's what Glory Boon says about their Heal & Conceal concealers:

Screenshot taken on Apr 20, 2015

As you can see from the swatches above, it's so not true. It's much darker than my skin tone and as a result it doesn't conceal much for me. The formula is also really oily, so it ends up sliding around and being hard to build up on my oily face. When I do build it up, it ends up getting cakey on me. This is the foundation dabbed on top of a concealer used in an attempt to cover up some pimples:

Ok, so maybe that pimple was really bumpy and makes concealing harder, and the oils on my face didn't help either. So I tried concealing a light brown discolouration I have on my upper thigh (0 oil!) and  here's the result:

Closely cropped to prevent accidental porn.

Yup, it doesn't cover much.

Howdy Highlighter Formula Review

As you can see from the swatches, the colour is pure white, so it may not be suitable for all skin tones. Again, the formula is really oily & melty, so it ends up really streaky on me:

 It's a bit better after I pat it down with a sponge:

Troubleshooting Advice

If you want Glory Boon's highlighter + foundation to look really smooth, I suggest dipping a kabuki brush in finishing powder & really buffing your face. Here's the result of buffing with a finishing powder:


So, final B&A!

The before pic is with eye make up done...I prefer doing my eye make up before foundation and stuff.
The after pic is with Glory Boon's foundation, concealer & highlighter, and Tarte's Park Ave Princess Bronzer.

And here's my finished look:
Using my fringe to hide most of my break out XD


  1. Have you bought anything else from Glory Boon? I'm considering it but it doesn't seem worth it, and especially considering their customer service. :/

    1. Nope, I haven't. Nothing really interested me after this order. What were you planning to get? And did anything else happen customer service wise? Do they have a bad rep?