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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Eccentric Cosmetics Primers Comparison

I was asked by Anna from Eccentric Cosmetics (EC) to try out her new primer formulas, and my findings were rather surprising, so a few days ago, I appealed to /r/indiemakeupandmore for help, asking everyone to rank these primers

Everyone ranked the primers completely blind so now here's the time for the big reveal....

Everyone's awesome and I received a total of 48 responses (one response didn't answer the question and couldn't be counted). So here's the result of the survey:

Favourite Primer

An overwhelming majority (81%) liked EC's old formula the most, with the next favourite being EC's new formula #1 (13%). Surprisingly, 5 people thought that EC's old formula is some sort of glitter adhesive, with one person refusing to put it as his/her favourite because s/he did not like blending over glitter adhesives. If you look at the sides of the swatch, they're actually blended out over the primer, not bare skin, so you can see that you can blend them out pretty well over the primer.

2nd Favourite Primer

Most people's (65%) second favourite primer is EC's new formula #1, followed by UDPP (23%). Unfortunately, an overwhelming majority (88%) liked EC's new formula #2 the least, with the other 22% liking UDPP the least.

Which One is UDPP?

For this portion of the survey, I only got 34 responses. Out of the 34 responses, most people (41%) guessed EC's new formula #1 as UDPP, though quite a lot (35%) guessed which one is UDPP correctly. 18% torn between either #2 (UDPP) or #3 (EC's new formula #1)

But that's just arm swatches, how do they perform over my eyes?

EC New Formula #1 vs EC New Formula #2

For this day, I just received the primer so I had my eye make up done already. I put the primer under my eyes, one of the wrinkliest part of my eyes, underneath my concealer. This was after 12+ h. EC New Formula #1 is on the left, EC New Formula #2 is on the right.
I can't really tell the difference, but I realized my right eye is more wrinkly than the left
The next day, I tried EC New Formula #1 vs EC New Formula #2 again, this time all over my eyes. EC New Formula #1 is on the left again, EC New Formula #2 is on the right.

I did notice a slightly better adherence with Formula #1, but it's slight enough that I wasn't sure. I placed them under my eyes again and that's when I know for sure that my right eye is more wrinkly than the left, so testing under my eyes is a bit useless.

EC old formula vs UDPP

I love the old formula though, so I decided to pit it against UDPP to see if it's better. EC's old formula is on the left, UDPP on the right:

Straight away, you can definitely see better vibrancy from EC's old formula. However, at the end of the day, I ended up with a bigger bald patch with EC's old formula than UDPP.

EC New Formula #2 vs UDPP

Next, I pitted EC's New Formula #2 against UDPP. UDPP is on the left, EC's New Formula #2 is on the right.
The colour I used is a  more glittery colour, and I definitely noticed a better vibrancy and adhesion on Formula #2 (it's more obvious IRL). Unfortunately, by the end of the day, there was a significantly higher fading with Formula #2.

EC New Formula #1 vs UDPP

I woke up really late for work, so excuse the messy eye make up for this. It's not the primers, it's me. Anyway, EC's New Formula #1 is on the left, UDPP is on the right.

I deliberately picked another more glittery colour and holy crap. Formula #1 is a winner! And it fades less than UDPP at the end of the day!

Overall thoughts:

While the new Formula #1 looks like the clear winner since it's a great combination of vibrancy, adhesion and crease resistance that beats even UDPP, I still like the old EC formula just as much. It's a formula that sometimes outperforms even glitter glue:

This is a colour I made, for the recipe, head to this post: 2nd swatch from the top is EC's primer, 3rd swatch is Darling Girl's Glitter Glue. 
 Yet you can easily blend eyeshadows over it, without any harsh edges:

From this post

Excuse the dry skin. This is another angle from the look I did in this post.
Personally, I think Anna should just have 2 different formulas for her primers. A Colour Vibrancy Enhancement option (old formula) and a Extremely Crease-Proof (hey..if it can withstand my monolids where everything folds into my eyes, it's extremely crease-proof) option (Formula #1).

UPDATE: Anna will be releasing 2 versions of the primer! Yay! I'll still have my old formula!

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