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Monday, June 30, 2014

Review & Recommendation: BathSabbath Perfume Oils (Part 2)

Finally had more time to review these! Past review's here.

So this time, I reviewed 5 more scents, including BathSabbath's scents that are supposed to smell like something (leather, smoke, beer). Again, these are awesome quality and last a long time. I'm definitely impressed by them.

Born of Fire

"The smell of a raging bonfire. Smokey Woodsy notes with a touch of Cedarwood and Balsam."

Wow. It's straight up smoke and fire. The most prominent smell is smoke. Actual smoke. It's so realistic, I tried this on at my office and one of my coworkers actually went, "Do you guys smell something burning?"

She started walking towards the kitchen to check it out and I had to quickly tell her it was my perfume. It was that realistic. I even nearly coughed instinctively, because it smells like I inhaled a lung full of smoke.
Imagine standing downwind from this and inhaling the smokiness & burnt wood smell. Smells like that.
Image courtesy of Danver Stainless

At first, there was a hints of a BBQ sauce smell that's smoky, savoury and slightly sour but that disappeared after about 10 min to become a wood smell. The perfume smells exactly like a burning log of wood. I'm serious. I swear. It's not how you think a burning log of wood would smell like, it's actually what a burning log of wood smells like. I'm very impressed. This is probably a scent that's more for layering and I don't think I'll wear this out alone, but wow. I'm just so impressed how realistic it is.

Post-description reaction: They definitely got it right. If you like the smell of burning wood, but don't want to die of smoke inhalation, get this.

Curse Be Iron

"A blend of smoke, charcoal, and Frankincense with aquatic undertones. Smells like an anvil."

Oh wow...this is such a hot, masculine scent. It's a slightly cool, slightly bitter and dusty smell that makes me think of walking through stone halls in a castle in winter, while reading an aged parchment. It's a castle in another era where they still use torches and the stones still retain a slightly smoky smell, even during the day.
The halls of this kind of castle.
Image by Flaviobolla, please check out more of his awesome work here:

The romanticized version, of course. I'm not making it sounds good, but this just transports you to a different world. There's still a sweetness to this that makes it smell like a great cologne.  I need my boyfriend to try this. It smells awesome!

Post-description reaction: There is smoke in this! I wonder if the frankincense is the one causing the "old" smell.

Perfume on the bf: He complained it's an "old man's perfume". I pressed him for something more descriptive and he went, "It's ok, but it's a cologne for someone in his 40s. So yeah, old man's perfume."

That's all I could get from the boy. He's not really good at this.

Happy Little Boozer

"Straight up beer."

Vodka Red Bull. It smells exactly like vodka with Red Bull and I swear they even got a bit of fizziness in the scent. I don't know how they did it. And you know what's amazing? It's a sweet smell, but not the in-your-face kind of sharp sweetness that gives you a headache. I love this scent, but people may start thinking I'm an alcoholic if I keep using this. I really smell like I had vodka red bull spilled on me. Maybe I should get it in a soap form.

Ok, I've been smelling it for over an hour and the more I smell it, the more I like it. I think I need to get this in full size!

Post-description reaction: Huh..smells a bit too sweet to be beer for me. Let me get the bf to try it.

Perfume on the bf: He immediately went, "Beer."

This is the first time he ever identified a scent correctly, so I'm very impressed. Guess he knows his booze. It does smell more like beer on him. He even commented that it even has that fermented smell beer has. On me, my skin brings out the sweetness and he says it smells more like Red Bull & beer. I really want to get this in full size, but he told me not to get it because I smell like I came home wasted and that's not a good impression to give people.

I smell like this...I can so turn into a great billboard
Image courtesny of
Maybe I'll get this in soap form...I really like the smell! I'm not an alcoholic. I swear.

Hellbent on Leather

"Straight up leather. Oddly arousing…"

This smells exactly like leather. It smells like the inside of new cars and new, leather seats. Pure leather. Again, I'm impressed. Not something I'd wear out even though I discovered I really, really like the smell of leather in men, but definitely impressed by how realistic it is.

Smells exactly how this would smell like.
The Raymond leather chair by Massoud Furniture, image courtesy of

Post-description reaction: They got the description right.  No further comment...

99 in the Shade

"The scent of fresh-squeezed Lemonade with notes of Raspberry, Strawberry, and a hint of Lime!"

Like Happy Little Boozer, I swear you can practically taste a fizziness to it. It smells like a lemon-berry-mint Italian soda, but like all BathSabbath scents, it's more complicated. I definitely smell the bubbly citrus & berries the most, but there's a hint of a fresh, icy vanilla scent that reminds me of vanilla vodka. There's also some leafy smell thrown into the mix. It want to say it's shisho leaves, but I don't know if I'm imagining it because this smells so much like a complex cocktail.

It feels like I'm drinking this.
Image courtesy of Food52, recipe for the drink's here! Full disclosure, I haven't tried it before...

It's such a nice summer scent and definitely makes me think of a complicated summer cocktail that looks gorgeous but you know will cost $20 or worse. It'll probably be served with nitrogen just to make it even more expensive. It's definitely a sweet scent, but miraculously, it doesn't go sweet to the point of giving me a headache.

For some reason, I got the same metallic after-smell I get from HoG's scents when the scent's mostly gone. I really need to figure out what note is causing this. I love that metallic smell.

I'm tempted to get this, but I'll check my budget first.

Post-description reaction: The description doesn't do it justice. This reminds me of Duncan Hills, where the description is so ordinary, but the scent is just so amazing. And I swear I smell shisho (it smells like a cross between basil & mint to me) in there somewhere. This scent is actually very wearable as a perfume and I can totally see it as an Escada scent...just more grown up and less headache inducing. I was in love with Escada sweet scents (Ibiza Hippie was my favourite) as a teen, but the sweetness was so sharp, I only liked it when I'm smelling it on someone standing about a foot away from me. This actually smells good on me straight away, and smells grown up enough for the board room meetings.

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