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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Review: Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butters & Whipped Soap

I finally got around to trying my HoG pumpkin butters & Selkie whipped soap. You can get them here! They're releasing part 1 of their summer scents today at noon PST, so you should definitely check them out. Anyway, here are my reviews to further tempt you all...

Selkie Whipped Soap Review

Oh my gods this feels so amazing. The texture is exactly like frozen whipped cream: stiff but foamy, and melts against your skin. It's non-drying and feels like cream against your skin. I regret only getting one of these. They're not available until the new summer scents are out, so make sure you get them before they're out!

"The break of waves, gurgling sea foam, kelp, rain tinged air, sand smoothed driftwood and wild sage."

Scent-wise, Selkie smells amazing. At first, I only got a strong wave of the blue smell crashing in, and I thought it smelt like the wild sea. It conjures images of high waves crashing into cliffs, sending sprays of water and earth. Then a sandalwood scent that brings up romanticised images of old chests in forgotten attics emerges. Emphasis on my experience, old chests in forgotten attics usually just smell like mothballs and the various critters that called it home at some point in time.

Pumpkin Butter Review

I definitely recommend these. I was surprised at how thick this body butter is. I wasn't sure what to expect from a pumpkin-based, vegan body lotion, but it's just like any other body butters. I do like that it still gets absorbed easily even though it's thick, and I don't have to work hard to rub it in unlike some body butters I've tried. The finish is like any other body butters: thick and buttery, slightly sticky. The stickiness disappears pretty fast and you don't end up with that oily, greasy feeling though.

I got pumpkin butters in 3 scents (Depravity, Mango Sticky Rice, Troika), and here's my review for all 3 scents in pumpkin butter form:


"Pure corruption: clove, nutmeg lurk amongst the sweetest offerings of coconut, on a bed of rich golden amber, laden with dustings of sandalwood and spilled wine."

Wow..the spilled wine is definitely strong. There's definitely a distinct leftover wine smell and that's all I smelled at first. Then I started picking up other scents and it smells like wine stained carpets, leather and the sickly sweet melange of perfumes worn by ladies of the night (you know the type -very heavy, musky, powdery and too sweet).  It makes me think of a high end gentlemen's club or the morning after a wild and expensive party. It's a scent that somehow smells expensive and cheap at the same time, and completely captures the trashiness and classiness of a night of wine tasting that devolves into a night of drunken debaucheries. Depravity is definitely an apt name for this.

It's surprisingly pleasant, but I know I'll definitely hate this smell if I'm hungover. Personally, I'm not too crazy about this scent, since it brings back too many memories of taking care of sloppy drunks in college. If you're a huge fan of wine smells though, this is perfect for you.

Knowing my sister is an alcoholic in the making, I offered it to her and she loves it because it really smells boozy. She describes the scent as, "Wine mixed with sherry."

Mango Sticky Rice Pumpkin Butter Review

"Sweet mango, coconut infused rice and toasted sesame."

The scent is heavenly, it makes me sooo hungry! They definitely nailed the sticky rice scent, but I just think it needs a bit more mango. I also kept feeling that something was missing, and after a while, I finally got it. It needs more of a pandan scent. All the good mango sticky rice I've tried will always include pandan to make the rice even more fragrant. Even so, I still love this scent. I wear it to sleep almost every night now! Another item I need to get in full size.


"A trinity of soft milks, almond, oat and coconut, lashed with sweet agave nectar and the ethereal scent of clean white."

Initially, I thought it smells like the perfect milky smell -a smell that's more milky and cottony than cloying. Then it finally hit me what this smells like: almond milk tea with boba. I really love this smell and have a huge craving for boba milk tea now. Definitely getting this in full size, and buying one for my bf's mom for brownie points.


I'm a huge fan of gourmand scents for bath & body products, so I'm a huge fan of HoG now. It looks like their speciality is definitely in the gourmand scents for bath and body products. I've just placed an order for a full bottle of their Troika & Mango Sticky Rice perfume oils. I'm going to see how they go. If they don't work out, I'm giving up on HoG's perfume oils and sticking to their bath & body products.


  1. HoG's scents are hit and miss for me but next time Selkie is available I'm itching to pick me up a sample. I haven't tried any of their bath & body products but the pumpkin butters sound tempting!

    1. I haven't had any success with their scents yet, but almost all their bath products agree with me. I definitely recommend the pumpkin butters. I'm getting a bunch for my friends!