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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hallpp...glitter glue doesn't work with my eyeliner :(

So I was using Darling Girl's glitter glue to bring out the dimensions in a Müse duochrome eyeshadow.
This is just one colour!

As you can see, the results are awesome! Then I put on my liner (Clio liquid liner in Kill Blood) and this is what happened:

 Gaping hole right there.
Yeah, the liquid liner ended up acting like an "eraser" and erasing all the make up. Even worse, I couldn't layer it back on.

I asked about this on /r/indiemakeupandmore, and /u/misosoup122 may have found the answer. It may be the liner brush being too stiff and wiping off the glitter glue. I currently only use 2 liners, elf liner sealer & Clio liquid liners, and both have stiff brushes. The elf liner has a really stiff, cheap brush (feels like a felt marker tip) and the Clio liners have a very flexible but stiff (perfect for supersharp lines) brush.

So this was my solution: I created my own "liquid liner" so I can use a different brush.

This is what I used:

  • a very, very small drop of Jojoba oil (apparently jojoba is great for sebum control, so it's perfect for my oily lids)
  • a small scoop of any loose powder eyeshadow

So I mixed the oil & the eyeshadow together. Make sure it's not too watery, you want a wet paint-like consistency.
This is still too watery, so I added more eyeshadow in. I mixed dark brown & red.

And this works!
I wanted the duochrome eyeshadow to look more like an eyeliner, so I erased the edges to get them crisp.

Finished look!

I'm actually wearing mascara on my top lashes.

See? That's how much of my eyelash my eye eats up.
Another pic to show the shift. I'm only using one eyeshadow colour and the "liner"!

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