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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Review: Thalgo Skincare Products

So I posted a video of myself getting a spa treatment from Thalgo:

So Thalgo gave me their products to try out and here's my review! The face products are all mini samples, and the dry oil & scrub are full size items. For the prices, I'm using the prices they're sold at in Indonesia, so everything's in Rupiah.


Thalgo Silicium Eye Cream

Rp 816,000

Ok, so the current state of my eye is that I'm aging and developing hollows underneath my eyes. Prior to this eye cream, I was using Sulwhasoo's Concentrated Ginseng eye cream and well...that eye cream is really, really amazing. I'm pretty sure Thalgo's Silicium eye cream is amazing on some people, eyes are used to Sulwhasoo's eye cream is just really intense. Two weeks of using that eye cream and I noticed the hollows underneath my eyes filling up and plumping up. I looked much more refresh. I've never encountered an eye cream that's as good as Sulwhasoo's so I wasn't that surprised or disappointed when my hollows returned with Thalgo's eye cream. I think I'm just a bad candidate for testing eye creams, because my eyes have felt the magic of Sulwhasoo. I do like how light Thalgo's eye cream feels though!

Thalgo Collagen Concentrate

 Rp 1,098,000

I simply added this as an extra step to my current routine. I see no difference, but my sample is only enough for 2 weeks (using 2x/day), and 2 weeks is seldom enough to see a significant difference. My skin is also used to a lot of pampering with regular Hydrafacials, sheet masks & sleeping packs, so seeing a difference may be hard. This is a clear, light gel and seems to get absorbed fast.

Thalgo Hyaluronic Filler 

Rp 807,000

This one feels heavy and a tad sticky, and my face does feel sticky after a while. I use it after the Collagen Concentrate, and I added it as an extra step in my routine too. I didn't really see any difference either, but as I mentioned above, 2 weeks is a short time.

Melt-away Mask - Instant Comfort 

Rp 534,000

This is actually the winner from this set. I really loved this mask, because it feels light going on, but my face feels so moisturized afterwards! Oh and the creamy formula means I can give myself a face massage while I mask. I kept touching my face because it just feels so's one of the items I'll probably repurchase.

Oh and as an added bonus, this smells heavenly. It's a very light, clean, mango-vanilla scent with a hint of clean clay. It's a comforting smell that makes me think of snuggling with a fluffy blanket in bed while eating oatmeal.

I like this so much, I bought 2 of them straight away, one for me, one for my mom-in-law!


Thalgo Polynesia Sacred Oil

Rp 567,000

This smells lovely! It smells like tiare and coconut oil. The coconut oil does run a bit sunblock-ish, but it still reminds me of sitting by the poolside in an island resort. It's a slightly heavier dry oil formula than what I'm used to, in the sense that it does feel like you have oil on you for a while, even though it doesn't feel greasy. I guess it just feels like you've just finished a massage. This will make an excellent massage oil btw.

It does come with shimmer, and leaves a light, sparkly golden sheen on your skin.

Exotic Island Body Scrub 

Rp 953,000

This is a salt scrub and I'm a fan of salt & sugar scrubs since they're better for the environment than microbeads. They're very generous with the oil, and scrubbing your skin will leave you with a luxurious, thick coat of oil. It may be a bit too heavy for some people, but if you're constantly in airconditioned rooms or going through winter, it's what your thirsty skin needs. I barely even need to moisturize after I get out of the bath, and I can't stop touching my skin. It feels sooo good!

The scent is predominantly coconut oil, but I do sniff hints of vanilla and some tangy fruit. The salt granules are large, so you can really slough off your dead skin.

One thing to note is that it is salt, so it'll sting if you have open wounds...I realized I nicked myself while shaving this way.


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