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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tutorial: Modified Fan Shape Eyeshadow Placement for Monolids

Hi everyone! So the fan shaped eyeshadow placement is gorgeous, but hooded monolids pose several unique challenges:

  1. Loads of lid space gets completely hidden, so eyeliner has to go really high up to show up
  2. There's no crease
  3. There's very little lid space

So I've modified the fan shaped placement for my hooded monolids:

There's several issues you'll run into with the typical tutorials that are not made for hooded eyes or monolids:

  1. There's no crease at all, so you end up with this muddy wash with no depth. To fix this, I put the lightest colour first, then blended the darker colour in afterwards with a finely tapered blending brush (sigma E45 is my favourite). That way, you still have a darker colour framing the lightest shade and making it pop, without having a messy, muddled wash of colour. This also solves the next problem, which is...
  2. Less lid space means the recommended blending placement from typical fan eyeshadow tutorials overwhelms monolids and make them look way too heavy.
  3. The liner has to go really high up to show up, but sometimes, the point of doing this look is to get this soft, blended out cat eye sort of look, and you don't want a graphic floating liner or thick liner making the liner look really harsh. So to solve this, I just smudged my pencil liner and further blended it out into the look with eyeshadow so that my eye still looks lined, but it doesn't look so harsh.

So here's the pictorial for a tutorial modified for monolids:

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