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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tutorial: Smoked Out Winged Eyeshadow

Here's the tutorial for the brown, smoked out wing eyes I'm sporting here:

Yes, I posted the tutorial for this look on my instagram ages ago, but I guess I just never got to uploading it >.<

My bad. Anyway, here's the tutorial!

1. Prime eyes. 

2. Apply your false lashes first if you have hooded monolids like me. Falsies alter the shape of monolids drastically, and can make this look end up looking off. Apply an eyeshadow close to your lid colour all over your lids to make blending easier later. I personally prefer to put this only on the top half of my lids, just so I can get the colour intensity I want on the bottom half. 

3. Line your lower lashline with a pencil liner (gel's ok, as long as the formula's smudge-able). Go slightly thicker in the inner corner and wayyy thicker on the outer. While keeping your eyes open, extend the line upwards, following the upwards slope of the outer half of your lower lashline. If you look at 3b, you'll see that this isn't a straight line at all. Monolids fold in all sorts of ways, so to get a straight-looking line, you need to draw crooked/wavy/funky lines to make it look right for your eyes. 

4. Fill in the gaps and thickly line your upper lashline. If you look at 4b, you'll notice that the bottom part of my wing still retains the funky shape I outlined in step 3.  

5. Smudge the edges of the liner. I use one of those sponge tip brushes, but you can also use a short, stiff blending brush or your fingers (super hard, but I've seen one girl manage this). 

6. Pat on a dark brow eyeshadow (black if you want more drama) over the smudged liner. 

7. Blend out the edges. I do this by softening the hard edges with a short, stiff blending brush, and the going over the blurred line with a dense, tapered blending brush dipped in the same colour. 

8. Using a fluffy blending brush, lightly wash an orange/light brown/rust/brick red eyeshadow above the blended dark brown shade. I personally like applying it in such a way that half of the brush is on the dark brown, and the other half is on the blank space. How high you go with this can alter your eye shape so much, so feel free to experiment with various placements to find what works for you. I find that for me, placing it higher in the center gives me a more wide-eyed look, and placing it higher on the outer corner like what Ike doing right now gives me a more cat-eye look. You may have to go back and forth between the brown and orange eyeshadow to get the blending right. The key to this look is smooth blending, so this will take some time.

 9. The look I'm imitating calls for a more defined wing, so sharpen your wing by sweeping upwards (still following the upwards line you created in step 2) with a q-tip dipped in eye make up remover. You can also touch up on the liner (I did), but remember to stick to the tip of the wings only and re-blend as needed. This is also the part where I conceal my undereye. 

10. Using a pencil brush, go over the outer half of your lower lash line all the way to the tips of your wings with the orange eyeshadow. Keep your eyes open for this since you may have to do a wavy shape to make it look even around your eyes. And you're done!

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