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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tutorial: Glittery Green & Teal Eye

 I recently did this glittery EOTD:

Excuse the dry lids >.<

It actually works well without the glitter too:

Anyway, here's the tutorial for it:

1. First, apply tape to get a really crisp line. To figure out the angle of the tape, use your lower lash line as a guide, and let the tape follow its upwards curve. Apply a green eyeshadow to about 2/3rds of the inner half of your eye.

2. Apply the teal shadow to the outer 1/3, and bend it together with the green.
3. Apply the gold highlighting colour to the rest of your lids and blend the green & teal shadow tightly with a small, stiff brush.

4. Apply the eyeliner. The tape will also help you get a crisp wing in this step.

5. Remove tape (and apply mascara if you don't have eyelash extensions like me). Apply a light blue eyeliner on the inner half of your lower lash line and a dark blue eyeliner on the outer half of your lower lash line, and blend them in the middle. If you don't have colourful eyeliner, grab a white liner, line your lower lash line, and pat eyeshadow on it. You can finish here or pat on a glitter adhesive where you want to apply glitter.

6. To get the glitter spaced out randomly, I drop it on a tissue, press my fingers against the glitter, then tap whatever glitter my finger picked up on my lids.


  1. What glitter did you use? I love it!

  2. Thank you! Here's the glitter I used: :)