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Friday, February 20, 2015

Tutorial: Gold-lined Gradient Liner

This was my eye look for Chinese New Year!

Here's the pictorial:

So here's the step-by-step breakdown...

1. Start with your lids primed and place a tape where you want the edge of your liner to be. If you're not sure of where or what angle to place your tape, just follow the curve of the outer half of your lower lashline (imagine you're extending your lower lashline up in a straight line). 

If you have hooded monolids like me, you're probably familiar with how false lashes can alter your eyeshape drastically, so I prefer starting with my false lashes on.

2. Apply a white eye base so your colour really pops. You can use a white eyeliner for this. Don't worry if it's messy and looks like the beginnings of an impressionist painting. Trust me, we'll fix that later.
Kinda looks like smeared bird poo, but that's ok.
3. Wash the lighter colour across 2/3s of your eye. Don't worry if it's messy.

I applied this with a gigantic concealer brush. You can even dab it on with your fingers finger-painting style.

4. Apply the darker colour on the remaining 1/3. Don't even worry about making any sort of shape. Just make sure it goes as high as you want your liner to go.

5. Blend outwards.
I'm using cheap 5¢ lashes from China so they don't bend that well. 

6. This is where the magic happens. Dip a q-tip in eye make up remover, then clean up the line.

If you don't have a steady hand and are prone to mistakes like me, start higher that you want and slowly erase down. Erasing too little is easier fixed than erasing too much.

7. Line the eyeshadow with a gold liner. I used a brush here, but you can totally use an eye pencil. Just make sure the part touching the eyeshadow is neat. The outer part can be as messy as you want –you can clean it up again later using the q-tip trick.

8. Remove the tape and line your lower lashline with the gold eyeliner. If you're messy, q-tip it again!

9. Coat your lower lashline with mascara.

I have a shaky hand...

10. Take the darker eyeshadow colour and line the outer half of your lower lashline with it. If you don't have one of those thin liner brushes, you can use the q-tip trick again –just dump the eyeshadow on and clean up the line with q-tip. To get it smoked out, use the dry end of the q-tip to smudge it out.


I unfortunately was late for my CNY dinner thanks to making this tutorial, so this was the only full-face selfie I took. I only realized how out of focus it was after I uploaded it.

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