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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Review: 9 Scents from Blooddrop's Halloween & Autumnals Collection

I gave Blooddrop another go and tried out 9 scents from their Halloween & Autumnals Collection. As usual, I got these in the form of decants from Ajevie! Check out her decant circles here.

This is my second review of Blooddrop and you can find my first review here. As always, reviews are done blind until the TL;DRs are written, if any note surprises me, I discuss it in the overview.


A Grave in the Pasture

"Tears accord, white peach, lilac, Egyptian rose, carnation, violet leaf, and up-turned earth."

At first I got a burst of candied violets & a lotiony type of rose, but they all blended smoothly together to create the most amazing floral scent. It's fresh, light florals and a fresh, light grass sort of green note, with an old lotion scent in the background.  The old lotion scent is that oily, waxy scent you get when you leave lotion out for too long and it solidifies. It doesn't sound appealing but trust me, the old lotion bit makes this scent smell unique and less like a floral-green room spray. There's also hints of bitter earth. It's light and a tad heavy at the same time, smooth and lotiony, elegant and definitely arresting. If I'm picking an add for this scent, I'd pic this picture:

Holy crap, I love this models' winged eyeliner.
Beautiful photo by Jobert Asistido

The rose bit gets heavy at times, and I can see it going crazy on some people though it stayed light enough on me for me to love the scent. This is a scent I'm probably getting a full size in.

TL;DR: Sweet light florals balancing heavy, lotiony florals with bursts of fresh green notes and hints of earth.


By The Light of The Moon

"Pastures edged with forests, shadows of mice, deer, and owls dancing their nighttime waltzes, cool air stirring up the fragrances of fallen apples, boysenberries, moist tree bark, moss, silver fir, and herbs all by the light of the moon."

This is a sweet, smooth, floral-fruity version of that freshly cut stalks sort of green scent. It's so well blended, I can't really pick out individual notes. I just get a scent that's clean, elegant and subtly fresh. If I'm picking a photo for an add that captures this scent best, I'd pick this picture:
I wish it's socially acceptable for me to go around with this hairstyle...and a hairdresser who can do it for me charges affordable rates.
Awesome photography by Stanislav Istratov

It's feminine, clean, elegant, refreshing and fun.

The freshly cut stalk scent is the first to disappear on me (in about 40 min) and the scent I'm left behind is this sweet, clean and cool sort of scent. There's a also a bit of a chewable vitamin scent in the dry down, which I'm not a fan of. I'm so glad that scent didn't come out when the perfume was wafting around strongly.

TL;DR: Fresh, clean fruity-floral with freshly cut plant stalks.

Overview: I can finally pick out the apple when I'm looking out for it, but it's that artificial apple note that smells more like apple soap, which adds to the whole, clean feeling.



"Oriental chyphre, soft woods, pale vanilla, bergamot, pear, benzoin, and hyssop."

I got a cottony scent and an artificial scent that goes "balloon-ish". After about 5-10 min, I can finally identify that "balloon-ish" scent as artificial pears. The cottony scent starts turning into heavy, powdery florals that counters the artificial, balloon-like hollowness of the artificial pear, but this is one instance where two wrong notes doesn't make the scent right. It's a scent that I find very cloying and headache inducing.

TL;DR: Artificial pears and powdery florals.


Darkness Comes Early

"This is a brooding blend of beeswax, tobacco, hay absolute, nutmeg, and a glowing blend of spices and resins sought to mimic the comfort of an oil lamp’s light."

This scent is vaguely citrus, but very well-blended that it's not mostly citrus. It's a mellowed out citrus that's softened in that nutty instead of creamy sort of way. It also smells almost masculine in a cool, woodsy sort of way. Not actual wood, but more of a romanticized, masculine wood scent.

 The scent makes me think of a clean, model living room that's decorated in earthy tones like this:

Decorated by someone who'll definitely declare his/her love for feng shui, veganism, gluten free diets, yoga or juice detoxes.
Image courtesy of 
The scent got way too heavy and sweet (like roomspray gone crazy) on me as time wore on, but my skin does like amping up sweet notes.

TL;DR: Masculine woodsy citrus room scent.

Overview: I'm really not sure what's the note that's going sour on me.



"A beguiling blend of white tea, apple cider, a squeeze of Italian lemon and fresh ginger."

This smells like a higher end perfume version of purple chewable calcium supplements.

Were you guys ever forced to take these as a kid? The purple ones were the worst. My mom once got these robot themed one that were all the purple. I used to spit them out and hide the remains inside my couch. My mom only found out over a year later when they spilled out while she was rearranging furniture. I'd like to note that they were still completely whole and not a single insect wanted to touch them because they were so disgusting.
Image courtesy of 

The artificial fruit bit is still cloying for me though.

TL;DR: Perfumed purple chewable calcium supplements.

Overview: I don't know what's going wrong, but I tried it again and I can't really pick out any of those notes. I think the white tea may be the one giving the high end touch, but it's as if all the fruit notes combined to make purple chewable calcium supplements. I'm personally not a fan of Blooddrop's fruit notes and I think they do florals way better.



"An elegant little perfume of black tea, vanilla shortbread, and strawberry jam."

There was an artificial fruit scent at first, but that blended into this creamy green and fruity scent. The green scent is more of a thick, plant stalks sort of green. The creamy bit leans towards that artificial cake sort of scent you get from toys. It's a cool scent and kinda makes me think of those weird Indonesian candies that are a combination of 2 things you don't expect together –like a cool, leafy strawberry cream candy.

Seriously, we like weird combinations. Like this white chocolate & cheese Tim Tams:
I put this up deliberately to make all my Australian readers cringe.
Image courtesy of grainddiction.wordpress

TL;DR: Cool, leafy strawberry cream candy

Overview: I think the leafy scent may be coming from the black tea. Not sure what's causing that cool sort of scent though. I'd expect it from white tea or peppermint tea, but not black tea, which usually goes sour when it's going wrong.


Sweets for Rowan

"Dried apples, vanilla sugar cookies, gingerbread, and cinnamon oats."

This starts off as an oatmeal-ish apple. With cinnamon, of course. The apple is more of a perfumed apple you get in soaps, but I like the oatmeal-ish part, which gets more solid as the scent wears on and becomes more of a rich, creamy bread scent. It still smells like an edible smell rather than a confusing combination of edible & soap, since the apple blends beautifully with the bread part.

TL;DR: Apple oatmeal turning into apple bread.


The Copper Wolf

"Soft sandalwood, vanilla bean, velvety patchouli, pumpkin, and nutmeg."

Chinese joss sticks. There's a sweet, possibly floral fragrance trying to come out, but it gets stomped down by the joss sticks scent. I smell like my gramdma's altar. Speaking of which, I recently took a picture of it to show you guys this object of my childhood nightmares:

Oh, but that doesn't look so bad! Oh yeah? Let me photoshop that to show you how it looks like at night!

Obviously photoshopped because I'm not going anywhere near it alone at night.

TL;DR: Chinese joss sticks.


Will O'The Wisp

"Alluring coconut, pumpkin, ginger, and cheesecake."

This is a delicious coconut scent! It smells like actual shaved coconut! There's a salted caramel tinge to it too. The coconut threatens to turn into old oils every now & then, but it behaved on my skin. I can see it going old oil on some people though!

TL;DR: Shaved coconut with hints of salted caramel.

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